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10) and the last reference which has been found regarding the exercise of this paramountcy is in 1460, when his grandson Humphrey, created Earl of Buckingham, died in possession of them. 11) Probably on the attainder of his grandson and heir Henry in 1483 they reverted to the Crown.

The mesne lords of Biddenham Manor at the Survey were Ralph and Serlo de Ros, the latter of whom also held of Hugh de Beauchamp in this parish. 12) From this family the manor appears to have passed some time in the 12th century to the Passelowes, of whom the first mention has been found in 1203, when Thomas Passelowe quitclaimed land in Biddenham to Thomas son of Sewale. 13) Gilbert son of Simon Passelowe held two fees in Biddenham of the Trailly honour in the 13th century, (fn.

14) and William Passelowe held the advowson in 1252. 15) In 1278 Ralph Passelowe held 1 carucate of land by the service of one knight's fee in Biddenham, (fn.

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17) and in 1337 conveyed his lands in Biddenham to Nicholas Fermband. 18) By 1346 the property had passed to John Fermband, who is there declared to hold the fee in Biddenham which had formerly belonged to William Passelowe. 19) In 1367 John Woodville, holding the manor with his wife Katherine, possibly a daughter of John Fermband, received a charter of free warren in his demesne lands of Biddenham. 20) Thomas Woodville, their descendant, was holding by knight's service in 1428, (fn.

21) and from this date onwards the manor appears to have followed the same descent as that of Bromham (q.v.), passing, as in the case of that manor, by marriage to the Dyves in the 15th century, and from them, by sale, to the Trevors in the 18th century. Paul's, Bedford, held in all 4 virgates in Biddenham, which later became known as .

The ownership is at present vested in the trustees of the late Edward Wingfield. Of this property 3 virgates were held by Osmund the Canon and 1 by Ansfrid.

Of Osmund's share 1 virgate had previously been held by Leviet the priest, and 2 virgates had been granted to the Church by Ralph Taillebois: Ansfrid's virgate, formerly the property of Marwen, had been similarly granted. 23) In 1166 these secular canons were succeeded by the Augustinian priory of Newnham, founded by Simon de Beauchamp, a transference of all their endowments being made at the same time. 24) During the 12th and 13th centuries various additional grants were made by the Beauchamps and Passelowes to Newnham, whose property in Biddenham was valued at £3 in the of 1291. 25) In 1386–7 the priory obtained a charter of free warren in their demesne lands of Biddenham. 26) At the Dissolution the temporalities of Newnham in this parish were valued at £9 8., (fn.

The parish of Biddenham, about a mile and a-half distant from Bedford in a westerly direction, contains 1,585¾ acres, of which 798½ are arable land, 606¾ permanent grass and 4 woods and plantations. 1) The soil in the northern part of the parish is a strong clay inclining to loam, the remainder of the parish is gravel. The chief crops are turnips, wheat, barley and peas.

In the neighbourhood of the Ouse, which forms the northern, southern and western boundary of the parish, the land lies low and is liable to floods.

The main road enters Biddenham from Bedford in the east, and, following a north-westerly direction, passes by Bromham Bridge across the Ouse, and so on to Bromham parish.

The village of Biddenham, lying in the centre of the parish, is very picturesque, with the church of St. In a field leading from the church to the village is a late 17th-century half-timbered pigeon-house, plastered on the outside.

It is square, with a hipped tile roof, from the upper part of which project four gabled dormers, their ridges meeting at the apex, which is crowned with an ornamental finial. 2) Palaeolithic implements have been found in Biddenham. 3) The following place-names have been found in documents relating to this parish: Martinesholm, Kingsmead in the 13th century, Cunditfield, Kyngsmead, Ibondsmead, Whytyng in the 16th. 4) At the time of the Domesday Survey , containing 4 hides 1½ virgates, was held by William Spec in chief, having as tenants Ralph and Serlo de Ros. 5) William Spec's overlordship subsequently followed the same descent as the barony of Trailly, (fn.


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