Scam dating site list

After you've been hoax-slaying for a while, you might find that you are able to help your friends stay safe online by informing them that something they have posted is a scam or a hoax.

In fact, you may find that your friends start asking you to check messages they have received.

With loads of quality features to help you connect with friends and singles in your area and worldwide.

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Your submissions help us work out what hoaxes and scams are circulating at a given time.

Submissions are one of the most important ways that we learn about new hoaxes and scams and chart how older versions are evolving over time.

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Perhaps you already have a good idea of how online scammers operate. But, if you feel there might be some gaps in your knowledge, check out the resources in our Internet Scams page.

Reviewing these articles should give you a great overview of the main types of online fraud and allow you to more easily recognize any scams that come your way.

After you've encountered hoaxes of various types, they get easier to detect.

Armed with a bit of foreknowledge, you'll find you can 'smell' a hoax as soon as it hits your inbox or social network.

Our Internet Hoaxes page provides many different hoax examples divided into hoax catagories.

We write about topics that are trending online or have been submitted by readers via email and social media.

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