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We recently bought a new land and required a Priest to do the Bhoomi puja for good Vaastu. We booked a priest who performed all vidhi (rules) for Bhoomi Puja.

The priest first notified us the auspicious day and date for this puja.

The appropriate area on the north-east part of the land was also chosen by him.

He also consulted us for the list of puja items/offerings required to perform this puja.

The Puja was done at the best price and to our utmost satisfaction.

We thank bookmydarshan for this propitious beginning.

A busy person that I am, it was not easy for me to squeeze time out from my tight schedule and go to a temple (which was like 30 kms away) to do car puja of my new TATA Tiago. The priest I booked came on the appointed day, at the appointed time, and by the time he left, my car was sanctified with swastik mark and holy mantras, an idol of Ganesha was also installed near the steering wheel, coconut smashed and four lemons driven over.

Wondering whether a priest instead could come and do the religious needful at my home itself, I clicked on to bookmydarshan and lo and behold! All this was done before it was time for me to go to work.

I am genuinely grateful to bookmydarshan to come to my aid in such a nice way.

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