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Children with same-sex parents, like all children, need to know that they are loved and cherished unconditionally and that you as their parents will nurture, guide, and protect them.

It is through open and honest dialogue among family members that healthy relationships and bonds are created.

The goal is to normalize your child’s experience and set the stage for his/her evolving understanding of what it means to belong.

Same sex parents online espaol

Early on they will accept their parents as a matter of fact, with no need to question or probe.

But as their world view grows, they will begin to notice differences among families.

This is the time when the details of their particular family story should start to unfold, and it is the parents’ responsibility to provide them information.

This unfolding needs to be done in an age-appropriate way that will ultimately lead to understanding and acceptance of the facts that there are all kinds of family configurations and no one family type is better than another.

Maturation is a lifelong process, which evolves and is polished over one’s life cycle.

What a child takes in and processes when very young is quite different than what is understood as an adolescent or adult.

Talking to your child involves an understanding of what is considered age appropriate.

Ages 3-6: The world of the very young child is restricted and he/she is primarily interested in getting his/ her needs met: feed me, change me, and hold me.

There is no script outlining exactly what to say, but there are some basic guidelines that have proven to be helpful to other families.

Telling the truth is a basic tenet in disclosing the information, but how this truth is shared will depend on your personal style of communication.

There are books, films, and experts in child development that can help you prepare to tell your family story.

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