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, the Swedish royal family is preparing for a wedding that could be even bigger than Prince William and Kate Middleton’s.The super-handsome Prince Carl Philip will take a wife — a commoner not unlike Middleton — in less than one month, the announcement made this past weekend (although the two became engaged in October of last year, this announcement was formal, and followed tradition).“The beautiful couple gathered with the rest of the (incredibly attractive) royal family at Stockholm’s Royal Chapel on Sunday to participate in a traditional ceremonial reading of the banns of marriage.The ceremony serves as the official announcement that the couple intends to wed.” With the royal wedding approaching, many are curious about Sofia Hellqvist. She is a model who won the “Miss Slitz Competition” in 2004.

The 32-year-old has been dating Prince Carl Philip for five years now.

A bit of a party girl, there were some concerns about Sofia’s relationship with the Prince early on, but it seems like she has settled down quite a bit over the years. Bennett covered foot out the door before an item goes flying off the shelves.

Sunday’s ceremony was also the time that the royal family announced Sofia’s title after she weds her love. According to There’s no word on whether or not Sofia’s fashion choices sell out in stores like Kate Middleton’s. As previously reported by the , Kate wore a $63 ASOS maternity dress to an event back in March, and it sold out almost instantly.

When the Duchess wears something affordable, that’s almost a guaranteed sell out.

Do you think the royal wedding of Sofia Hellqvist and Prince Carl Philip will outshine the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Do you think the world will become as obsessed with Princess Sofia as they have become with Duchess Kate?

The wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling is less than a month away on Saturday June 19th.

For Sweden, this is akin to the late Lady Princess Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles.

Crown Princess Victoria will inherit the throne from her father King Carl XVI Gustaf. For Stockholm, it means two weeks of partying and events for the city in the amorous events of Love Stockholm 2010.

The two week celebrations begins on Swedish National Day, June 6th and concludes on the day of the wedding, June 19th.

If you are not of the 660 invited guests taking part in the 20 million kronor wedding affair, be sure to see one of the special events organized by Love Stockholm.


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