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Ring Road Shubha Kannada Movie Review Rating & Audience Response This is a Kannada film which is the most anticipated by the audience and movie lovers.

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This is a real life crime incident which has happened in the year 2003 in Bangalore city.

Highlight of this flick is, unlike other movies, here all are women who made this movie.

Director Priya Belliappa told the media that, “We have taken creative liberties and the story has fictional elements in it.

The film has been named as Ring Road Shubha, because Girish was murdered on the Ring Road in Silicon City.

The film is based loosely on the infamous murder of software engineer Girish, by his fiancée Shubha in Bangalore in 2003.

The film is notable for, it was made by an all-women crew, the first in Kannada language.

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Besides producer and director, editor, cinematographer, costume designer, dialogue writer, choreographer, art director are all women. “All-women film has happened by choice not by default." No doubt this would definitely become a special film in the Indian film industry and the director told that few incriminatory elements are added to the story to make it as a movie for two and half hours.

But the main story will be told in a good and clear way.

Duniya Vijay’s upcoming film “Ring Road Shubha “ Kannada movie Audio songs download .


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