Reviews of the best ukrainian dating sites

This is to make you curious and force you to open the message. Most profiles of the girls say they can "read and write in english with a dictionary, but cant speak".

But it turns out if you like to write them on Whats App, Viber or Skype they say they prefer to write via the dating site.

This is because most of the profiles got run by professional translator who earns their living with this money they get from translations.

She wrote to me: +++++++++++++ It's time to tell you the truth.

I am not Sveta, my name is Irina A., though it's not important, I am a professional translator who just work and write to such men as you in fake profiles at Natasha club site.

Today I just leave such a "good" job so you must know truth about all this business.

At least one of 100 ladies is true, all others are fake and never meet with you. You may find 1 out of 100 who is a real person there but the chance to get ripped off and loose a lot of money, is much higher. Once you have paid for 15 messages and receive their e-mail address, they loose interest and dissapears. El sitio es muy impresionante, te registras, las chicas son hermosas inteligentes muy queridas, deseosas de conocer a extranjeros,,.

I am very sorry, I just had to write you all these love messages to earn money as I've got three children. This money you pay for opening letters, site takes to itself, 40 per cent gives to the agency and half of it was for me, but the agency blocked my sallary and I just want to be fair. I've figured out a way to check whether it could be fake profiles: Many of the profiles have an address like this: "[email protected]" I send an e-mail to profiles I think are interesting by using theire profile name and then @ A mi me llegaron más de 100 correos, El sitio te permite "gratis" la primera carta de la chica y tu respuesta.

All pictures of this lady were given me by the agency, so you can just write and take your money back. If it does not come in return and they do not answer, it's probably a fake profile. Después de esto usted tiene que pagar para leer las cartas que escriben las chicas.I have also written in the profile text that those who contact me have to show that they have read the profile through what they write in their answers. La lectura tiene un valor promedio de "10 a $ 30 dólares por cada carta.Todos los mensajes que tu escribes ellos lo editan y eliminan los datos que envían de contactos personales (como la dirección de correo electrónico, Facebook, Skype o Whats App) no lo permiten.First of all 80% of good looking girls and woman are does not exist, as person, who looking for man! Asked customer support "How much $$ to spend before you can get direct contact" answer about 12 email exchange,after that some of "girls'' disappeared, Or spend 50$ for 1 time request for email or ph #,mostly not granted!Even though you have invitation from person, to visit her ! It starts that if as soon you are registered you will get tons of letters from beautifull ladies.All mentioned above never described when apply for membership! All communication between members are filtered and modified, looks like you talking with cliche generated program ,most of girls with bikini photos cleaned pictures with photoshop or picasa program you will see that after you watched videos with same person. All of them desribing their qualities and telling they are real existing woman.


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