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Home / Science Fiction / Horror / Fantasy / Nature Strikes Back / Cult / Psychos / Snap Judgements / Science In The Reel World / It's A Disaster! / Immortal Dialogue / Links Dr Alfred Carroll (Joseph Forte) addresses a meeting in which he exhorts the parents of school students to campaign for compulsory education on narcotics – particularly marijuana.

He goes on to illustrate the dangers of marijuana by speaking of a recent tragedy....

Mae (Thelma White) and Jack (Carleton Young) own an apartment near a high school, where they deal marijuana.

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Jack makes contact with Ralph (Dave O’Brien), who knows many of the students and acts as a go-between.

Ralph points out to Jack three young people he’s got his eye on: Bill Harper (Kenneth Craig), Mary Lane (Dorothy Short) and Mary’s brother, Jimmy (Warren Mc Collum).

The three are invited to accompany Ralph and Jack to a local hangout, Joe’s Place.

Bill and Mary decline because of a previous engagement, but Jimmy eagerly accepts.

Dr Carroll, the principal of the high school, has also noticed the strange behaviour of some of the students.

He is particularly worried about Bill, whose steady high grades have begun to slip.Suspecting the truth, Dr Carroll questions the boy about a certain habit he may have acquired, but Bill doggedly denies it.Nevertheless, he goes on spending his spare time at Mae’s apartment where, after dancing wildly with Blanche, he allows her to lead him to the bedroom.... In light of the celebrity and politician-heavy “Just Say No” campaigns and a plethora of Very Special Episodes, it may seem that the 1980s were the supreme decade of the anti-drug movement, but the fact is that the eighties had nothing on the 1930s.There he meets a girl he knows, Agnes (Pat Royale); the two of them go on with Ralph, Jack and Blanche (Lillian Miles), Ralph’s girlfriend, to Mae’s apartment....A few days later, Ralph and Blanche convince Bill to accompany Jimmy to a party at Mae’s.Bill is taken aback by the rambunctious nature of the gathering.


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