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left our screens in 1999, with the titular (nanobotically-reconstituted) mining vessel being devoured by a highly corrosive micro-organism, it left us with the words “The End” emblazoned over the image, before being replaced by “THE SMEG IT IS.” And then, nothing.

It was ten years before the boys from the Dwarf were back on our screens, albeit for a three-episode run on Dave.

Red dwarf rimmerworld online dating

On 20th November 2000, the official website announced that, as of August 2000, the main cast had all signed on to make the movie.

Chris Barrie (hologram and resident smeghead, Rimmer), Craig Charles (last man alive, Lister), Danny John-Jules (an animal descended from cats, err, The Cat), and Robert Llewellyn (neurotic mechanoid, Kryten) were all going to be involved.

As were Chloe Annett (series seven newcomer, Kochanski), as well as Dwarfer veterans Norman Lovett (senile computer, Holly) and Mac Mc Donald (Captain Hollister).

director Ed Bye (who was to co-direct the movie with Naylor) were holed up in an office in Shepperton Studios working on the script.

These read-throughs were filmed (as were the previous), in order to be “edited alongside existing During all this time, there were continual additions to the behind the camera staff, many of whom had quite impressive resumes.

Towards the end of June 2001, the traditional plastering of Robert Llewellyn took place, to make the moulds for his full-body costume.A long and sticky process, he was doubtless delighted when it became apparent it was all for nought.On 13th July 2001, it was announced that co-director Ed Bye had now dropped out, leaving Naylor to direct the film alone.They must have worked well, because on 22nd March 2001, the first official script read-through took place, with all key members of the cast taking part.It was also announced that the film was imaginatively titled .Around this time, the script (which was eventually to undergo 35 rewrites), was written with a “really big budget” in mind (circa £19 million), as per the advice they had been given.


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