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In fact the Marsupilami character was so famous that it had its own spin-off series created, and by far was instrumental in many mimic characters created all over the world.

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The unique attire of Spirou, red bellboy uniform, was initially conceived because he was introduced as a lift operator.

But, he has retained the attire, even though the characterizations were re-written over the time, but has since become a trademark of Spirou series.

Franquin was known as a member of the elite club known as Gang of 4, along with Will, Jije, and Morris (Lucky Luke fame).

Together they laid the foundation for what is came to be known as Marcilleni School, which often is considered in parallel with Ligne Claire (which has been discussed in detail on our Blake & Mortimer series review at Comicology) art-form spearheaded by the rival creator-artists from Tin Tin magazine.

Basically, they both are more common in nature, with the major difference being the representation.

Marcilleni School tries to convey the impression of movement, while ligne claire tends to be more schematic, often relying on traditional way of picture arts with still images and scenes.

At one time Spirou series was so popular that Lucky Luke himself made his appearance as a Guest in 1946, in Spirou magazine.

So, it could be safely said that it was the trend-setter for all the Franco-Belgian comics released later.

Well, when it rains - it pours, and that seems to be the order of the day in Comics or Graphic Novels Biz in India at present.

Euro Books, the new-bies in the Biz, have come up with its next venture after Biggles, by introducing the not so famous characters to Indian Comics Fans.

By the outset, it looked pretty impressive line-up containing 12 titles in the series, at a price of INR 199/- each.


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