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But they can't help it because they love eachother or something.11. A girl is heartbroken because her crush has gotten together with her best friend but it's ok because he's distracted by this other guy who's decided he likes her. Something like he told his friends she was pale and scary. I think some mean girls took her jam and threw it out a window when it was supposed to be a gift... I keep thinking of this romance, shoujo, school life manga where a boy keeps asking his friend for money for lunch.

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Read ren ai daabii online dating

But I don't really remember the circumstances, only that it was a normal school lifey type manga. And then there's a bit misunderstanding type thing. But she ends up getting a room with some other guy who was actually the boy's friend who was told to leave.23. There's a scene where he asks her to open her shirt too since he has his shirt open for the drawing and she's embarassed because she doesn't wear a bra, though in the manga she uses the term "brazier", he becomes a little embarassed too. But there was something about planting things on a balcony. A girl who sent her first love a love letter back in middle school maybe? I don't remember much except that he comes back and he still has the letter, or at the very least, he's memorised it and he recites it at the end and says that he read it over and over and that he liked her back. Like the boy can jump really high and someone with really good hearing.31. But she likes this limited edition Christmas jewellery. And he tries to get her to fall in love with him by a certain time, maybe his birthday?

There's a part where he talks about why he got interested in it in the first place, because his mother like them or something, but they he found that they touched him.21. It was something like someone pissing this girl (or boy? O) off so much that she chased the person through the school and went a bit demon like, even going so far as to climb up a wall and into a window. And the person being chased was totally freaking out and didn't want to be caught and/or beaten up.22. So they meet fairly often, I guess, and they have fun together. A girl who likes drawing and art asks a boy to be her model when she notices how nice his body is. Not the genre or people in it or if it was even a manga or anime. A boy and a girl who may or may not be going out are at a hot spring and the girl ends up going to the male bath, but luckily the guy/her boyfriend is there and covers her up.30. I think there was also a part in which there's talk about each rabbit person's particular power/skill. A oneshot about this tomboyish girl who is tall and everyone kinda treats her like a boy. Then it skips to a few years later, the girl returns to her hometown and the boy is dating her friend.

I think I remember someone posting a picture from this a really long time ago and it interested me. A girl who usually does well at school decides to try dressing up and picking up guys in town at night and attracts the interest of a younger (? So she pretends to be older, sometimes he calls her onee-san. Seeing as I don't remember anything about this. I'm thinking of a particular scene, but I can't remember where it's from. A girl who ends up living with this family of rabbit people. There's a boy about her age who likes her, they used to play together and he likes it when she gives him apple slices shaped like rabbits. A boy and a girl like eachother but never admit it? They almost got together once when they were younger.

About a couple who spend three chapters trying to have their first or second kiss but are always interupted.35. And she calls the cat names like General or Admiral or Captain? I think there's a part where the boy goes back to try and get it and there's toys all over the floor, but this might be a different story altogether.42. Or she feels awkward since what she makes wouldn't be good enough for him.45.

A shy unpopular girl who likes to go to a small dark shop finds the most popular boy working there.

I don't remember much aside from one part where he comes up behind her and dangles a book in front of her face. He's a delinquent and at first at seems like a bet or a con to steal her money but he develops feelings for her.4.

A girl is in charge of collecting late library books and tries to collect one from a known playboy/delinquent. She has an interest in music because at one point, I remember she drops sheets of sheet music and he helps her pick it up.

A boy waits for a girl outside school and he talks about wanting to date her. ) and there's a part about it being Christmas soon and they make a date to meet there, but on the day, there's a big snow storm type thing but the girl tries to get there anyway. He makes her kiss him for one minute and he misconstrues it as how much she wants him to stop.13. At one point, she gives up and ties it to the fence, but he takes it and runs after her.14. I remember that the man has dark hair and a birthmark on his hand.15. Obsesses over a plate with a childish design on it.

And she eats all the sweets and worries about getting fat and how the boy wants to make a sweet his childhood friend who happens to be a girl would like. The childhood friend doesn't like to eat sweets because she doesn't want to be fat. He also lives with her for some time but I forget the circumstances for this. At one point in the manga, he goes back to Switzerland? They clean it up (with an amusing situation involving a skeleton and cobwebs? He starts making advances on her and she tells him to stop, but once he stops, she misses the attention. I think the scarf isn't very well made since it's the first time she's done it. Story told from the perspective of a married man who is a dentist. She disappears, and years later, he catches a glimpse of her happy with his son. A man and his girlfriend break up and he takes it really badly. A man and a woman who work together at an office go to a hotel together after a party?

And finds one, but it turns out he's mean and such. Three high school students use an old room at school as a secret meeting place. A girl finds a letter she wrote to her middle school crush and her best friend/mother mails it. And a scene where she's finally alone for a minute, and sees her friend and her crush together and she thinks about how since she was distracted, she hasn't thought about them.12. ) at school, like he sneaks up behind her and scares her. A girl knits her boyfriend/boy she likes a scarf but lots of awkward things happen like he gets along with the football team manager girl really well and there may be another guy who tries to mess with them?

About a girl who is obsessed with meeting her prince. Although, I swear there's a oneshot like this as well. And she meets up with the boy but it turns out he's dying/dead/unconscious.9. I only remember this particular scene where they're in this shed and he won't let her go. In the beginning there's an amusing part where he orders her off a menu because I guess her class is doing a cafe of some description, he'd written her name on the menu to order it. A timid girl is always being tormented/bullied by a boy (Her senpai maybe? And she's infertile and she talks about how she's not good enough for anyone because her ex left her since she can't have kids.17. Then there's something about sheet music and every time she guesses the song wrong, he gets a kiss? But really, he's always really liked her and stuff.26.

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