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You can log into the system after access activation by the Bank representative.

Depending on your decision, your unique ID and starting password will be sent to you via SMS or post.Only the starting password for R-Online Biznes users can be sent via traditional mail; to get your ID, please contact your Call Centre consultant (you will find the telephone numbers at the bottom of the page).At first login (or logging in for the first time after system access unlock), you will be prompted by the system to enter: If you use R-Online (e-banking for Private Clients and Small Enterprises), at the first login you will be prompted by the system to decide whether logging in should be performed with the use of ID and password only, or with the use of ID, password, and an additional one-time password sent each time via an SMS (you can change your choice at any moment in the "Settings" function). Participants are made aware of how to apply effectively, assessment centres, and dual studies in keynote speeches. We can find excellent trainees for the future here, explains Sarah Körting from the Training team at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. At the 6th IHK speed dating event in the Halle Münsterland exhibition centre in Münster, pupils introduced themselves to 146 different companies. Whether you want to be trained as an office clerk or in business informatics, as a chef, or an industrial clerk, the selection is huge.AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG introduced itself at the exhibition with more than six different job profiles.


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