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SATURDAY 12 APRIL, 5PM – 7PM Please join us for the Ti NNN reader launch this Saturday at Gertrude Contemporary.

The focus was oriented towards how institutional frameworks impact and inform our practices in an ongoing manner, from the perspective of the day to day activities that comprise our work.

The conversation departed from the opposition and the resistance mobilised against the Biennale of Sydney's funding by Transfield and the subsequent repercussions, both known and speculative.

The desire was to connect the situation taking place in this context to a broader set of concerns facing many who work within, and rely on, contemporary cultural infrastructures.

As output of the workshop participants decided to create a reader related to topics around corporate funding, alternative institutions, and the social impact of art.

Over the course of one week, we collected the group’s contributions for seven chapters that emerged during our discussion.

Without having a precise goal this collection called Ti NNN could be followed by an annotated publication, be a starting point of a series of public events in different places, or serve as compilation for further discussions - in Melbourne and elsewhere. of the reader can be accessed on the aaaaarg website here.

Image: Published in the German newspaper ASSEMBLY: OPEN DISCUSSION ON CULTURAL APPROPRIATION TUESDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2014, 6PM – 8PM. AN OPEN DISCUSSION ON CULTURAL APPROPRIATION ASSEMBLY IS A PLATFORM FOR DISCUSSION IN RESPONSE TO CURRENT EVENTS AND IDEAS Recent debates have raised a number of questions about the nature and ethics of western artistic practices that appropriate from nonwestern cultures.

This forum intends to explore the colonial history of cultural appropriation in Australia, and to reflect on what continuities exist between contemporary and historical forms and strategies of appropriation. with the intention of expanding and extending the dialogue.

Gertrude Assembly is hosting this forum following discussion generated by the recent exhibition of work by Melbourne fashion label P. Moderator: Eugenia Flynn is the co-ordinator of the Willin Centre at the VCA.


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