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Each afternoon, there will be a talk from one or more members of chambers and clerks on different aspects of life at the bar and in chambers (e.g.applying for pupillage, life at the bar and the running of chambers).We aim to give you the opportunity to meet as many members of chambers as possible during the course of your visit, and there will usually be an informal gathering with some of our barristers and clerks on the last day.

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We invite applications from both law and non-law students, although non-law students may find that they get more out of the mini-pupillage scheme after they have begun the GDL course. Notification of places 31st October 2016 The dates for 2017 are:- Spring 14th - 16th March Closing Date for Applications 31st December 2016.

Notification of places by 31st January 2017 Summer 27th June - 29th June Closing Date for Applications 31st March 2017.

Notification of places 30th April 2017 Winter 5th - 7th December 2017 Closing Date for Applications 30th September 2017.

Notification of places 31st October 2017 How to Apply If you are interested in applying for a mini-pupillage in Falcon Chambers, download the application form here mini-pupillage application form and return it to us with your details completed.

At Falcon Chambers, we encourage students who are interested in a career at the chancery bar to spend a few days with us in order to meet us face to face and gain some first-hand experience of the work which we do.

Mini Pupillage Programme Our mini-pupillages are not assessed, and there is no requirement that you come to Chambers on a mini-pupillage before you apply for a pupillage.

We do, however, encourage interested students to visit us for a few days to experience life at Falcon Chambers.

We find that those who do so invariably apply to us for pupillage.

The aim of our mini-pupillage programme is to enable you to learn as much as possible about both Falcon Chambers and life at the Bar generally.

The programme lasts for three days (usually Tuesday to Thursday), during which time we try to ensure that you will spend some time in court, sit in on a conference with clients and also sample some paperwork.

In our experience, mini-pupils find it more congenial to attend chambers in small groups, and we therefore try to arrange a number of session each year for 4 or 5 candidates each.


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