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Hi everyone Just wondering if anyone can relate to this. Women are very fond of words, in fact words make them hornier than pictures. Thanks so much for your response guys Specifically, I asked this one woman I met online to have a coffee, and she says she has family visiting her this weekend (which I believe her), and she says let's touch base again next week because she doesn't know how busy she will be next week. And I know she's probably not going to take the initiative to message ME next week. So I will have to message her again next week to ask her again. But how else am I supposed to handle the situation? When I started online game a year ago, i was terrible at running attraction over text/online. Basically just getting to know them with the typical fun texts that pua forums will tell you to use.Sometimes a conversation goes really well online, and when you ask the woman to meet, they either don't respond, or makes it very difficult, for example something like "I'm busy until next month..."Or even after we have gone out on a date or two, they suddenly start to pull back by not responding to emails/texts. They pull of for a reason, and you are probably doing something wrong. Simply talking about sex with her, if you do it right (Don't necessarily start asking her for all her experiences, and don't get into the specifics of boyfriends or whatever), will make her imagine having sex with you, then she'll start asking herself tons of questions like: What would he be like? I don't think I encountered more than 3 flakes over a period of 3 months and i was getting tons of dates.Or sometimes she will start saying something like "let's be friends first. Paul They pull of for a reason, and you are probably doing something wrong. If they after few days say "lets be friends" then it's b/c you don't elicit sexual tension enough. Tell something like, im not a fan of facebook chatting... I think the girls were more agreeable to meeting up because at the very least, they were invested in me platonically.

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Pua online dating first email questions

So I feel like there is more than one explanation for this than the fact that she just lost interest in me as a date. You know, guys hear "lets be friends" only when they act as friends, but those that make sexual tension, tease, lead, make them horny in every way possible wont hear that line. meet me at xy tomorrow so we can talk like people face to face and have some fun... Start out with friendly, socially-acceptable kino and quickly ramp it up.

I mean, there are some freak occurences, but overall, you probably need to be more sexual in your game. From there, as long as you keep her chasing you, and keep her interest while making an emotional connection, the answers to those questions will be positive. If I say "Sure let's touch base again next week", do I sound like a wuss? I was running heavy attraction and almost no comfort.

I've been dealing with this same exact bullshit for 2 months and finally realized what I'm doing wrong...

If you work on a rule of 3s, that if you've tried 3 times to get a reply back and/or to make arrangements to meet up and you still don't get a response, it's time to move on, as online is a total numbers game, as are real life approaches as well.

If she says I have time on Tues at 4pm tell her Tues is fine but I'll have to meet you at 5 since I'll be doing, (whatever) that way you are still doing it on your terms. Depending on how good looking a guy is, women (who if they're attractive and are at least a 7, will get totally bombarded with messages), being very flaky when it comes to committing to meet in person, is part and parcel of online game unfortunately and it's why it should only always be done as a side thing, to still doing approaches and running game in the real world.

Given the disaster my life has been in since the drunk driving accident, I have come a long way. She'll probably laugh at it and might say oh I didn't know I owed you anything, etc. Say something "We need to get a cup of coffee that you owe me since the last week plus a feet rub." You're playfully accusing her of owing you something for not being able to meet you the last week and a feet rub which is kind of an extreme but funny. He taught me to send 3-4 messages then say, "I feel comfortable calling. " He told me to move on if she won't agree to meet up. Leave it at that and don't message her for a few days or until that week. When that week comes, text her and say hi, chat a bit and then see with her if she has time. To: xoxoxo, You're not a wuss by saying that ok lets touch bases next week.Bring the convo to dating and sex as quickly as the conversation allowed for.Kiss-close her somewhere in the middle of the to allow for plenty of time to establish myself as a sexual being in her mind.

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