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Your odds of having sex on the first date are greater if you are divorced 45% followed by single at 36% followed by married at 31%.

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Online dating arrived shortly after the advent of the internet.

Is this a better approach that waiting to meet someone without the use of a computer or other electronic gadgets? Ideally you post your bio, attract a bunch of interested people, pick and choose and end up with the love of your life.

Alternatively you fall for someone whom you never see and get taken in an identity theft scheme and lose thousands of dollars.

Here are a few more thoughts about the pros and cons of online dating.

Love at First Sight You might find yourself smitten by someone whom you meet online.

Does the online dating form of love at first sight last?We wrote about this years ago and offered a case of love at first sight working out very well.On this web site we usually try to take an objective approach to dating, internet dating, and the development of relationships.But, sometimes the truth is more in what we feel than in a logical and reasoned view of life.A few years ago I flew from the USA to Panama to visit an old friend.After a few days in the warmth and sunshine of Panama City I decided that I would return to live here, eventually.

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