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Ash has finally made it to the Kalos region with Alexa and Pikachu. Yeah, wish Serena had shown up more, but her short appearance at the beginning was good too, then transition to Ash's arrival.

Ash is eager to start his journey through the region, declaring that he will win this time, and so rushes to the Gym. And the nood when Ash complimented his efforts was just the perfect inch. Hope she has more screen time in the next episode, but looks like there'll be a lot going on anyway.

However, the gym malfunctions and tries to kill Ash, but luckily Clemont was nearby to rescue him. He's really enthusiastic about everything at the moment, but I liked the battle a lot- pretty even between both of them, with both Pokemon getting good hits in and pretty good animation too.

Visit The Episode Guide Discuss Really liked this episode. Bonnie was part of the crew the moment she got "thunderbolt-ed"! As well as the mystery of what's up with why Clement isn't at his gym, however long that lasts.

Thought it was a nice introduction to the XY series of the anime. -The mystery about Clemont is nice and hopefully will be good layered, -TR was entertaining and strong, not that easy of an fight- AWESOME things: -Ash vs Clemont. Good beginning, and even appreciate little details like Clement picking up both his and Ash's backpacks while they're rushing off to get Froakie healed.

It wasn't supposed to be all about action and excitement, it was supposed to introduce the major players of the series and they did just that. Looks like the special screening on the website isn't up anymore, either that it it just doesn't work in mobile.

But I believe they will feature her heavily in XY02 and beyond.

the first episode is available for special viewing for a limited time online with an ID and password received at events in japan this past weekend. Another interesting aspect is that when Clemont returned Bunnelby to its Pokball, he thanked it for its work (which Ash also usually does) and the Pokball shaked in response which has never happened before. Was a good introduction to Everything, and even managed to introduce a battle. Things to note, the Raichu which was in the background was drawn oddly. Unless that wasn't Water Shuriken and just Froakie's natural ability considering that Wobbuffet couldn't Mirror Coat or Counter it. Have to say that compared to the first battle Ash had in the previous regions (like Hoenn, Sinnoh & Unova), this battle really showcased Ash as a experienced trainer.

A battle with a Bunnelby turned out to be better made than a battle with Lucario, haha. Wobbuffet was Epic, and Froakie was Amazing, really glad he seems to be the 'main starter'. They changed Iron Tail's animation (which was also notable in the Opening Theme which we got last Thursday). (Krabby) Strong currents carried it from Kanto to the Alolan shore and a territorial fight with Crabrawler was born. I mean he understood what he was doing and was able to act really quickly to unexpected situation (while staying calm) and then figure out how to counter them.Can't wait to see him evolve into a Water Powerhouse. Wonder why, since the BW animation for it looked more realistic. Unable to beat them due to Krabbys small size, they retreated into the sand and became nocturnal creatures. This showcased with his reaction towards Pikachu taking the Double Slap and then using that Iron Tail & Electro Ball combo.We've had Grass (Sceptile) and Fire (Charizard and Infernape), so now should be Water's time. Another interesting aspect is that when Clemont returned Bunnelby to its Pokball, he thanked it for its work (which Ash also usually does) and the Pokball shaked in response which has never happened before. Eventually, they developed Ghost-type abilities which made them immune to Fighting-type moves. Also their is the fact that Wobbuffet seems to have received some good amount of training in the TR Headquarters.I saw the pictures and I guess I can go off of that.I really liked the first episode, it wasn't overwhelming or rushed like I thought it would be, and I really like how incredibly serious Froakie is, really reminded me of Treecko a lot.Hopefully he does end up fully evolving and becoming a water parallel to Sceptile.

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