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Apologies: we had to do that annoying thing where we split the article over two pages. doesn't try to follow many of its stable mates by using flashy 3D or technical prowess.

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Characters can also transform into the titular Dragoons once they acquire a Dragoon Spirit.

Many fans of the game actually consider is a great example of the 3D one-on-one brawler.

Set in typically colourful Japanese-style schools, complete with dodgy schoolgirl underwear flashing, combatants vary from martial artists to sports players, and you pick two of them at a time.

One is your actual combatant, and the second is used to the game's team-up special attacks.

It's also very challenging for completionists, as you have to complete the game numerous times with only a handful of continues to unlock all of the secrets.

One of the Play Station's launch titles, and still to this day, one of the best.

It was one of the first ever attempts to create a first person platformer, and for the most part, it worked.

This is big praise as even now, very few games that have attempted the same thing have got it right.

only uses four attack buttons, which was odd for a Capcom title, but the fighting system works well, and is surprisingly deep and satisfying.

The characters are all interesting and different from the usual selection of overused world warrior archetypes, and the introduction of the 'vigor' meter allows access to more powerful moves as you fill it up during a fight.

It also includes launch moves that open up air combos and juggles. is a lesser-known 2.5D platformer, and to genre aficionados it's one of the best on the system.

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