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raham Northwood SEASON 2016 -17 REPORTSun Sep 18 Nowt big for months, then bang the BIG girl hits a landing net at 43.8lb from Ryan’s rod in deeps peg. Again just 1 rod on it and only 1 for the night again. Sun Aug 7 A very hot day on the Broad with no rods on late afternoon and just 1 setting up late on. Next Sunday see's our first Members Sunday Course Match, make a date guys see you all there. Fri Aug 5 Another lovely day with only 2 rods on with no luck.

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A small Carp out this morning but again no big girls about. Mon Sep 12 Very quiet and very warm, wow it's September and one of the hottest on record! Only 1 day carper on today and late afternoon no rods on, very humid and calm with nothing rising. 3 Small Carp from stinks peg, I beat my Tench PB at first light with a 6.12lb cracker, well pleased. Fri Aug 12 Warm sunny day I'm on tonight in Bridge peg.

Just one lone Carper with no luck but plenty of cruising Carp late afternoons. Sun Sep 11 Only 2 Small Carp last night wear are all the big uns! Tue Sep 6 Still quite 2 course rods finding some silverfish and odd Bream Carpers with no luck, 3 day rods and 2 set up for the night. Fri Aug 19 I'm on for a quick sesh tonight in 35 and another 6 on after a lump tonight. Thu Aug 18 No runs to last night’s rod and no one on mid afternoon, evening mild and cooling down with 3 rods on. Sun Aug 14 2 Carp to riverside night rod up to 22lb. The Sunday 5 hour Match had a good turnout but another disappointing show of fish Ash won with 15lb well done fella. Sat Aug 13 Well after seeing all those Carp over my baited areas all week tonight they were gone! A lost Carp to a rod on shallows and a busy night tonight with 12 rods on. Thu Aug 11 I'm on tomorrow night my last chance before I go away for two weeks, time to bag some more Carp.

3 course rods mid morning struggling to find quality fish in hot sunshine. It's hard on the Carp front this season so far…Mon Sep 5 A mild morning with just a lone rod on riverside with no luck just Bream overnight. Wed Aug 17 Another warm day with a few silver to pole rod shallows and a small Carp to a night rod only one on for night beasts. No luck to last night’s rods, just 1 pole rod in deeps uniside with several nice stamp Roach. A nice Twenty pounder of a uniside narrows peg this afternoon, looking good and plenty showing. Wed Aug 10 No carp out in daytime sunshine, 1 pole rod was broken twice by some big lumps?

A few Carp cruising in upper layers basking in sun. Evening cooler with 2 rods on try to get the elusive Carp to pick up a bait. 3 Mon Aug 15 A lovely mid double Mirror Carp to a night rod of backboards.

Showers early morning and afternoon, 7 rods on tonight for the beasts. Mon July 25 Yet another lovely warm sunrise on our Broad. A nice Small double Mirror out mid morning in stinks peg .

Sun July 10 A quiet morning with just 3 rods on, no Carp shows/runs at all last night. A small Carp midday off 46 was only Carp of weekend. Sat July 9 Not one run to any rods last night and no shows for me only Tincas and Bream. Fri July 8 WOW A NEW UEA RECORD CARP At 43lb The Goldfish Common. With 70lb+ mixed bags the other 9 rods and some Bream this time! Tue July 5 A lovely warm night but again no Carp shows or runs? 2 Roaming Carp rods desperately trying to find a pick up. With 5 setting up for the night with light rain showers becoming mild and clear. This is getting a little boring to report lol Never mind had a great feast on the Backberries again on my rounds, a bumper harvest on the Broad, no plums this year! Sat Sep 10 Bream and Tincas to last night’s Carp rods. Wed Aug 3 A small Carp the only fish out last night on riverside. Great turnout but a disaster for fish caught, last 4 matches great weights BUT NOT THIS ONE!


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