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).(note: From dropping into the valley, to its exit at the main road there is NO phone reception on Vodafone, Orange or T-Mobile, so phone loved ones before you enter the valey! There are patches of bracken that grows to an incredible size. We were well ahead of time, so we kept stopping for breaks, watching the erm, stream go by as there really is nothing else there! I kept hearing that 'swishing' noise that you can hear traffic making on a motorway.It took me ages to realise that it was the sound of the wind rushing over the top of the valley.As I got to within sight of the first of our (several possible) camp sites, we stopped on a bit of a platau and the decision was made to try and get down to river level. Telling the truth, It was a mistake and a fairly big one.

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After I had been on the last winter walk, Jim mentioned he liked carrying everthing we needed because if the weather closed in, we could just pitch for the evening.. The plan was to get dropped off at the side of the snake pass where it meets the pennine way (Cheers Dad!

), Walk up to the crash site on the top of Bleaklow, drop down into Alport Valley, Have a look at Alport Castle and then pitch for the evening in an undisclosed location before being picked up from the main road the next day.

The trip out was unremarkable, so I'll skip that, (NB.

the layby at the drop off point is in bad repair so take care not to bottom out your car). The path is clear (it's part of the pennine way) and this is a nice easy walk in nice weather with no kids.

Pretty soon we came across the remains of the crashed B-29 Superfortress "Overexposed".

It's the same type of aircraft that dropped the atomic bombs at the end of the second World War. Some parts are shredded, some melted and some perfectly intact.

Thirteen men died when the plane crashed but I didn't feel anything odd, In fact I found it quite peaceful and interesting, though I'm sure if the mist rolled in and I was on my own, it would have been completely different.

Continuing on to the top of the hill we stopped for a bit.

I stepped up onto the boulder the trig point is set on.

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