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And a bloody busy one at that: more than five million members (62pc of them men aged 25-49) who congregate here to talk about everything from garden sheds to watches.Keeping an eye on this rather vast tranche of the UK’s male populace is motoring journalist Dan Trent, Piston Heads.com’s 38-year-old editor, who explains that the URL was first registered back in 1998 as a fansite for TVR owners.“It was a way for them to keep in touch and discuss how to keep their cars running, which if you know TVRs you’ll know figures quite highly,” Dan says.

Despite an editorial team of just two – plus assorted freelancers – there are now more than 30,000 motoring-related articles archived on the website.

What’s equally impressive is that Piston Heads claims to be the biggest male-oriented online network in the world outside of Twitter and Facebook, with 9,000 posts on the site each day.

Dan likens his role to “more of a landlord than a minder,” and says he’s merely providing a venue and “a little sustenance.” He is downplaying things a little because his menu (so to speak) is frankly colossal.

Though a good portion of the website’s daily visitors just dip in for a peep at some of the 100,000 cars on sale in the Piston Heads classified pages, just as many disappear into one of the site’s innumerable forums.

Once there they vent, ask for advice, or they pass on wisdom of their own to fellow ‘PHers’, as they call them (far better than the other obvious alternative: “Pist-heads”).

“There are discussions on everything from cars and motorbikes to gardening and watches,” says Dan.

“A surprisingly popular forum for everyone who might have us down as a Clarkson-esque world where anyone who doesn’t drive a 500 horsepower car is looked down upon, is the cycling forum.

That’s quite big.” Dan deals in such large numbers, of course, that the meaning of “quite big” gets a little lost in translation.

but more then my space users, so you are not at the bottom of the food chain.

but not as much as my twitter and facebook followers & pals..

"Please do not feed the trolls" does not apply here.


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