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My question is may tax po ba yung 40" SONY LED TV , OLD laptop and tablet? Ask ko lang po kung kasi uuwi ako ng pinas this coming July 2015. Thanks Good day ., Just want to ask here in dubai they use 220-250volts with 13A. Or i have to buy a stabilizer for the ref and oven? Ask Ko lng po ung mother Ko uwi Sa pinas next month nag tourist po sya dto kung nakapag uwi sya Ng 42 inch n tv Sa pinas at magkano po ang tax at saan po babayaran at Sa Taiwan magbayad fin po b sya Ng tax ung tv po kung convert Sa peso is more than 30 k po wait Ko po answer nyo Salamat po Hi good day po!!! ask ko lng po kung may tax po b s pilipinas ang 42inch n tv galing saudi tnx po have a good day god bless... WHAT IS THE EXTENT OF DUTY AND TAX FREE PRIVILEGE OF RETURNING FILIPINOS/BALIKBAYANS? Personal effects and household goods used by him abroad for at least six (6) months and the dutiable value of which is not more than Ten Thousand Pesos (10,000.00) are exempt from duties and about also if he bring some skin care products like lotion and soap may limit po ba sa pagdala ng skin care products? Hi..want to ask guys if u have any idea: I wanted to bring as check-in luggage my stereo component which is a tower type,height almost 5feet tall. Ask ko lang po kasi may iuuwi ako 42 inch TV, isang Mobile Phone, 2 tablets, isan mini speaker. Any amount in excess of P10,000.00 is subject to 50% duty to the first P10,000.00 exemption across the board as provided for under Section 105 (F) of the TCCP. In addition to the privileges granted to Returning Residents as described above, an OFW may be allowed to bring in, duty and tax free Ten Thousand (P10,000.00) of USED home appliances, provided: the quantity is limited to one of each kind; -the privilege has not been enjoyed previously during the calendar year which fact must be declared under oath by the owner; -the owners passport is presented at the port/airport of entry; -any amount in excess of P10,000.00 will be subject to duty and tax. Professional instruments and implements, tools of trade occupation or employment, wearing apparel, domestic animals, and personal household effects shall be exempt from payment of Customs duties and taxes.

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Art & Culture Banks Business Services Computers & Internet Schools Government Hospitals Hotels & Resorts Industry Nature & Environment Non-Profit Organizations Restaurants Shops Snorkelling & Scuba Diving Transport Travel Agencies Websites When you want to bring electrical or electronic equipment to the Philippines, there are a number of issues to take care of.

This article provides some details about voltage, plugs, television systems, cell-phones, etc. I was in Philippines in April and May this year, and I can tell you this much, the cost of electronics, such as TVs, are one-half times more higher than the ones I bought when I came back to US for a visit. Amazing the difference across the board at stores and different brands were ALL substantially higher than in US Same goes for vehicles also.

Philippines is becoming as high in cost, and now so much higher in electronics it is cheaper buying in U. and paying shipping costs, it is still cheaper buying in U. I bought an alarm clock radio from Europe or from Australia. Voltage converters cannot change frequencies, Hz or cycles.

In order to change from 220V AC @ 60Hz (Philippines) to 220V-240V AC @ 50Hz.

12V DC adapter (100V - 240V 50/60Hz, 220V - 240V AC8 ~ 50/60Hz, 110V/220V ~ 60Hz) and 50 Hz 220V power inverter from Europe and Australia.

Converting 60Hz to 50Hz by using DC There's no problem by using an American alarm clock radio,(120V 60Hz) with 50w stepdown transformer and Japanese alarm clock radio (100V 50/60Hz; 50Hz and 60Hz switchable.) in the Philippines.

Due to frequency or cycles mismatch, 50Hz clock will run fast on 60Hz.

50Hz power inverter required in order to use 50Hz clock in the Philippines. im sorry im a filipino and it says PHP 10,000 pa nga po ang limit weather new or old..

better if its a tablet or cellphone alisin nyo na sa lalagayan at paganahin nyo para mukhang ginagamit nyo.... ilang ulit na kasi sinabi paulit ulit din kayo tanong ng tanong... or better yet tutal nag ipion ka narin lang naman ipa ship mo nalang it may cost much pero ams mabuti ng may managot na iba kung mawala kesa luhaan... mas kawalan ang manakan dahil sa ating sariling kawalang galang sa itinakdang hikadura...

ma pa tablet, laptop or kung ano man/// kung TV na karaniwang sinasabing 40inches up eh kung yan po personal na ginamit nyo (k UNO)at kung kaya nyo ipakita ang resibo na may date na matagal nyo ng nabili natural second hand na po yan at pwede mag fall sa mababang halaga... sinusonod ko nalang patakaran at idinadaan ko sa tamang processo kasi.,. kesa sa mga bagay na patago or mga ipinalulusot tapos pag nawala eh kuda na ng uda na ninaka ng mga taga customs... Isa din akong gusto maka mura sa mga pamamasyal ko at mga bayarin at mas mapapmahal pa kung mawawalan ka or mag babayad ng sobra sobra kung TATANGATANGA lang ako.... isang tip din po palaging nyo pong isama sa computation nyo kung gusto nyo mag padala eh ang handling fee...

pag umuuwi po ako lahat ng personal effect na nabibili ko sinasamahan ko ng resibo na may date.. so kung ang balak nyo eh 10K na halaga bawasan nyo ng 2k kasi yung ang ibabayad nyo sa shipping fee .. ask ko lang po if ok po bang magdala ng 10 pieces of watches sa pilipinas.


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