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Shapeless inclusions separated from the grey silicic flow («1»), acquire a distinct outline due to concentration of silicic acid («2» and «3») and are transformed into quartzite pseudo pebbles («4»).

If the fluid flows calmly along the incurrent mouth, the mechanical admixture in the flow is negligible, and the process is restricted by disintegration of microlites, formation of new minerals (Photo 04)An example of substance redistribution is given in Photo 05.

Nevertheless, there are features enabling to distinguish them with a high degree of probability.

Fluid clastic mass is removed onto the surface or to the sedimentary basin, where it is mixed with sediment.

Incurrent mouths appear (Photo 01 and Photo on the cover), in which an ascending flow forms composed of liquid, gas and rock fragments.

Under pressure and temperature drop, it becomes free from the gas constituent, which, having a high energy, destroys the penetrated substrate.

In surface layers of the lithosphere, fluid penetrates through rock pores and fractures and breaks up into constituents.

Later studies demonstrated that deep fluids play the main role in destruction of permeable rocks [Fluid coming out from the mantle or crustal focus is a mixture of gas-saturated solution and magmatic melt, which can exist only under a high temperature and pressure.

The forming breccias remain in the vent (Photo 01) or are ejected onto the surface (Photo 02).

He presumed that at the first stage of the volcanic process, the upper crustal layers are destroyed by the «active gas» penetrating through them.

The brochure can serve as a handbook during fluidolite diagnostics and is intended to geologists studying sedimentary rocks.].

As illustrations, photoplates of natural outcrops, samples and petrographic thin sections are attached to the brochure.

In the proposed brochure, data on genesis and features of fluidolites, rocks formed as a result of influence of high-temperature fluids on sedimentary complexes and forming with them complex combinations – fluid systems, are given.

They leave holes falling out from the exposure walls («5»).

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