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Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) jest ekscentrycznym geniuszem, który właśnie zakończył pobyt na odwyku alkoholowym.

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Razem zaczynają więc rozwiązywać zagadki Nowego Jorku - Sherlock za pomocą swojej ponadprzeciętnej umiejętności dedukcji, Joan zaś - dzięki swojej wiedzy medycznej.

It’s totally official now: the Person of Interest series has been prolonged for one more season. I really can't believe that it went down in its rating at all. If people really watched from beginning to end, there is not a dull moment.

The project hasn’t received a full order from the CBS channel, however. It is totally captivating and we can never wait for the next show. I think that that just can't be true about the ratings going down. All I have ever heard about this show by anyone who has watched it, is that they can't wait for the next episode or season. Although I only 'binge' watched every single episode on Netflix and never once saw it on CBS, there was never a dull moment and was/is an addiction.

Season 5 will consist of only 13 episodes, and this factor makes fans suspect that the show can be wrapped up eventually. I am sorry that you only renewed them for 13 episodes. After watching and rewatching multiple episodes I checked to see when Season 5 had started only to be devastated by the news that #1-It hadn't and #2 Season 5 only consists of 13 episodes and it may be their last. a thoughtful show with lots of good charecters with more too it than just mindless comedy to numb the mind.

The premiere date hasn’t been announced yet, so let’s follow the updates together! I cannot believe you compared the ending of this show to the fact that supernatural is leading. Love, love, love this amazing cast and the talented writers that make the characters and show feel more like family. Why is there nothing definitive about the "Person of Interest" Season 5, episode 1, air date? Dragging the air date on and on, into what seems like perpetuity, is becoming a bit aggravating to me - as a fan. Lots of twists and turns and like a good cross word puzzle to stimulate the mind keeping up with it.

We have the new information on the status of Person of Interest Season 5. POI is the most creative show that I've ever been absolutely captivated with. Oh and by the way some of the smartest and most dangerous women on TV please dont cancel it!! Otherwise it would be very disappointed not to continuing.... Idk how I missed it - I found it on nextflix and binged watched the first 3 series, then found season 4 on putlocker and watched the remainder.

Release date to be confirmed at the show's CBS channel. I hope that after POI ends its run on CBS it might find new life on Netflix or Showtime or at least the last 13 episodes on CBS . Person of Interest season 5 is a great show, one can't leave the audience in the dark. Each episode kept my attention and left me wanting to to the next. Person Of Interest is the best tv drama that has ever been made up to date !!!

Thank you for having taken part in the voting for Person of Interest Season 5. It is a show with moral integrity and unlike supernatural, yes, it might not be leading the polls but that is no reason to cancel a show for the people you consider your FANS. Or at least end the story with the Machine winning out over Samaretan ( or how ever it is spelled ) along with all four cast members back together alive and well ! There is huge followers that watch the show every time it come on. There too many question to be answer because of the season 4 ending. Honestly person of interest is the most addicting show I ever watched after supernatural. It would be a damn shame for it to come to an end so soon in season 5.

The CBS channel that has been broadcasting the Person of Interest series got about 11 million viewers with it. It's impossible to get fed up of the great actors and the part they play.


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