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Rikky Keegan (Incredible Hulk Annual #11, 1982) Banner dated Sally Moore at Desert State (Incredible Hulk #226, 1978); Banner met classmate Susan Jacobson (Incredible Hulk #410, 1993); Banner dated Susan Jacobson (Incredible Hulk #377/410, 1991/1993); Banner became overly-aggressive with Susan Jacobson, terrifying her and driving her to break up with him (Incredible Hulk #410, 1993); Banner had fling with Monica "Nicky" Rappaccini (Incredible Hulk #85, 2005); Banner three-time college dart champion (Incredible Hulk Annual #19); Attended CIT, befriended and then dated Angela Lipscombe (Incredible Hulk #12, 2000); As a graduate student, attended class with Phil Sterns, who admired Banner from afar (Incredible Hulk #367, 1990); Banner obtained three doctorates (Defenders #5, 2005); Broke up with Angela over jealousy when she obtained a research grant while he was repeatedly turned down (Incredible Hulk #12, 2000); Banner revealed to have corresponded with Charles Xavier on the gamma ray treatment of exhaustion (X-Men #66, 1970); Wrote paper on particle physics (Incredible Hulk #413, 1994); Banner associated with nuclear physicist Ronald Jenkins (HULK #20, 1980); Banner was colleagues with Hector De Vasquez (Sensational She-Hulk #57, 1993); Met with Gen.

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Iron Man/Tony Stark, Betty injured in the fight (Hulk: Gray#3-4, 2004); tried to treat Betty, battled Ross & troops (Hulk: Gray#5-6, 2004); vs.

Gargoyle/Yuri Topolov, assisted Topolov’s transformation back to normal (Incredible Hulk #1, 1962); created desert lab, vs. Stort (Marvel Super-Heroes #3, 1990); framed for sabotage by Wrecker/Karl Kort, vs.

Toad Men (Incredible Hulk #2, 1962); launched into space, exposed to cosmic rays that put him under Rick’s control, vs. Fantastic Four & Wrecker, named cleared by Fantastic Four; weakened by Wrecker’s ray, defeated by Thing who observed his transformation back to Banner and was inspired to remember the humanity within himself (Fantastic Four #12/Hulk & Thing: Hard Knocks #2-4, 1963/2004-2005); unstable powerful Banner & Banner-head/Hulk body transformations; vs.

Circus of Crime (Incredible Hulk #3, 1962); temporarily regained full intellect in Hulk form though retained savagery, vs. Metal Master, pardoned by US president (Incredible Hulk #6, 1963); worked at Kiebler Circus as Mechano, helped found Avengers vs.

Loki (Avengers #1/Hawkeye #8, 1963/2004); met Jarvis – all Avengers staff save Jarvis had quit due to the Hulk’s membership; helped organize Avengers charter at Avengers Mansion, left without signing so Rick signed for him (Avengers Annual #11/ Avengers #280 / Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1, 1983/1987/); with Avengers, vs. Doom & Flying Fortress (Avengers #1½, 1999); with Avengers, vs.

Space Phantom, quit (Avengers #2/Avengers #267, 1963/1986); delivered baby (Avengers Classic #2, 2007); with Namor, vs.

Avengers, fled after turning back into Banner in mid-fight (Avengers #3/Journey into Mystery #112, 1964/1965); entered Spain, disrupted el Supremo's plans, swam back to US (Smash!

#38, 1966); angered upon learning the Avengers had replaced him with Captain America, returned to New York seeking vengeance, vs.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #45 (1965) Origin: Thor #148-149 (1967) First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #92 (2006) Origin: Incredible Hulk #98 (2006) Significant Issues: Met Hulk, vs him on behalf of Red King (Incredible Hulk #92, 2006); sent to monitor & negotiate with Hulk (Incredible Hulk #93-94, 2006); ordered Hulk to kill Red King's enemies, refused, witnessed Hulk & Silver Surfer's liberation of slaves (Incredible Hulk #95, 2006); pursued Hulk's army (Incredible Hulk #96-97, 2006); alongside Hulk, vs Spikes, joined his Warbound (Incredible Hulk #98-99, 2006); with Warbound, vs Red King, witnessed his overthrow (Incredible Hulk #100-102, 2007); became Hulk's queen, learned that he was Bruce Banner (Incredible Hulk #103, 2007); revealed she was pregnant to Hulk, caught in shuttle explosion (Incredible Hulk #104, 2007); died in Hulk's arms (Incredible Hulk #105, 2007) First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #155 (1972) Significant Issues: Fled Germany after World War II, settled in Latveria, assisted Doctor Doom in creation of size-reduction ray, had ray used on him by Doom, shrank into Microverse, arrived on world of Moto ruled by Shaper of Worlds, had his dream of Nazi-controlled America created by Shaper, became Führer there, confronted by Hulk, received power of Captain Axis from Shaper, vs Hulk, lost dream of power followed by power itself, stranded on Moto by Shaper (Incredible Hulk #155, 1972) First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #164 (1973) Significant Issues: Rescued submarine crew & Hulk, elaborated upon Infra-World's nature to Bruce Banner, enslaved Hulk (Incredible Hulk #164, 1973); set Aquon against Hulk & Infra-World rebels, surfaced Infra-World to allow Hulk & rebels to depart, re-submerged Infra-World (Incredible Hulk #165, 1973) First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Fantasy #15 (2006) Significant Issues: Spoke with Agent Sexton, adopted coyote pup, clashed with police officer, hunted by enemies, rescued & befriended by Hulk (Amazing Fantasy #15, 2006); blew up S. Josiah Weller, head of Research & Development (Captain Marvel #21, 1970); Banner studied at Desert State under physics Prof.


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