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This campaign is directed to the 10 largest food companies in the world who have the most influence on the food industry. A number of practical examples that Oxfam Novib looks at are among other things labour conditions and circumstances of employees.

This way the supporters of Oxfam can also make a contribution through Social Sponsoring without it costing them anything.

Oxfam Novib was founded on 23 March 1956 by Father Simon Jelsma.

He wished to return something for other people after all the support the Netherlands received after the flooding disaster of 1953.

He founded the Dutch Organisation for International aid (Novib) to support people in developing countries.

Novib was the first politically independent and not religious development organisation in the Netherlands.

Soon Novib started to cooperate internationally and joined Oxfam International in 1994.

This is a confederation of 17 development organisations. The goal: in 2030 all extreme poverty must have disappeared in the world. The Novib method especially aims at “the power of doing it yourself”.

The unequality in the world is ever increasing according to Oxfam and this must be stopped. Oxfam works together often with partner organisations in countries where this is the most needed.

The partners know the local culture and context best.

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