Oregon state police sex offender registration unit website

Predator Jeffrey Cutlip left Oregon three times — once for three years — with police none the wiser.

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Paying for viewing a child’s sexually explicit conduct 10. Contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor 14.

Kidnapping in the first degree if the victim was under 18 years of age 13.

Burglary, when committed with the intent to commit any of the offenses listed in paragraphs 1 to 17 or 20; or 20.

Public indecency or private indecency if the person has a prior conviction for a crime listed in 1 to 19 21.

Beebout moved from California to Oregon, never telling police where he was living as required.

Once here, he beat up one woman and killed two others.

At one point, he was found sleeping on a park bench at Portland State University.

Twice-convicted child molester Daniel Zetterholm registered in San Diego, then hopped a bus and turned up in Portland with 4,500 images of child pornography and a guide for sex offenders on how to avoid detection.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are OR IF YOU NEED TO COMPLETE YOUR INITIAL REGISTRATION, here are your options (in order of preference): 1.

ONLINE APPOINMENT SCHEDULING, CLICK HERE (expected response time 24-48 hours); 2. GOV (expected response time 24-48 hours); and or 3.

Call Officer Lara Maul - If your last name begins with A - K Desk: 503-823-0022 Cell: 503-545-3559 Email: [email protected] Bridget Sickon - If your last name begins with L - Z Desk: 503-823-0878 Cell: 503-793-8035 Email: [email protected](Call ahead to verify times have not changed).


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