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This catalog provides information about the graduate programs of Cameron University.

Do you find it difficult to openly discuss issues on sexual identity, discretion, and morality from God's point of view?

It seems that to an increasing degree the culture would prefer Christians remain silent on the topic of sex and instead embrace all variations of sexuality...

promiscuity, sex before marriage, sex with others while married, and sex with the same sex. But He has a plan for our sexuality - a beautiful blueprint that will allow for us to experience sex in its fullness.

Is it possible for us to share God's truth with a culture that has moved beyond how God defines us personally and sexually?

Sexual issues are not going to fade away and many people are struggling in this area of their lives.

In this 6-message series, Pete, Stuart, and Jill talk openly on the subject of sex and how to address issues with truth and love according to God's design.Stuart Briscoe uses wit and intellect to speak to your heart, capture your attention and challenge you to grow! Jill Briscoe is real, her words are penetrating, and her message is challenging. Pete Briscoe, youngest son of Stuart and Jill Briscoe, has a heart for a hurting world and a passion for God. These tasty tropical fusion-favored mints contain sexual enhancers including Horny Goat Weed, Yohimbe and Maca to help boost your sex drive and keep your arousal level at its peak.Dissolve 1 mint in your mouth before sexual activity. Cameron University is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action and promotes an environment of awareness and understanding of culturally diverse groups in our society.The University strives to maintain a campus climate of mutual respect and tolerance that is free from discrimination.

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