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The museum about a sensitive area of human sexuality is located in the busiest spot of Amsterdam, at the Damrak street, just in front of the Central Station, in the real middle of the traffic madness.

Once you get inside, you realize that the Sex Museum tries to combine their rich collection of artifacts with the elements of the attraction park. In reality, you will see the plaster figure of Venus at the entry and the full size wax figures of Mata Hari with her male partners and Marilyn Monroe, obviously with the air constantly pumped under the actress skirt.

Two huge plastic phalluses standing erect will give you an unusual photo opportunity because you are allowed to photograph throughout the whole exhibition.

The rooms have different names – Mata Hari, Marquis de Sade, Rudolf Valentino, Oscar Wilde, Marquise de Pompadour and so on. Walk from the Central Station direction Dam (2 minutes) or from the Dam square direction to the station (5 minutes).

In the Marquis de Sade room the repetitive sounds of the steam machine, mixed with woman’s screams of joy come from the speaker on the ceiling.

This old fashioned multimedia approach and a specific sense of humor as well as an outdated aesthetic of the museum interior, situates the Amsterdam Sex Museum somewhere near the provincial market fair.

Nevertheless, we suggest that you should see through the aesthetics of the presentation and appreciate the collection, which is rich and interesting.

The Sex Museum throughout more than 20 years of its existence, not only managed to collect many hundreds of interesting pieces of art, unique objects and rare old photographs, but avoiding bluntness of pornography managed to bring them together in an organized and interesting way.

A rich and interesting collection of the objects about the human sexuality: art as well as photographs, china, figures, plates, arms and many other items – all that composed in sometimes a bit old-fashioned presentation. The Museum of Sex, with curated exhibits at its flagship Fifth Avenue museum in Manhattan, launched its “Virtual Museum of Sex”.Among the four inaugural exhibits showing online, US Patent Office Sex Inventions: The CAD illustrations in this interactive installation were taken from seventeen patent applications submitted between 18 to the United States Patent Office, the federal agency dedicated to the administration and protection of intellectual property.The devices depicted here represent over a century of American sexual technological innovation, and offer a unique look into the history of American ideas about sex and sexuality.Variously designed for pleasure, protection, analysis, and restraint, these devices not only demonstrate evolving technological capabilities, they reveal changing beliefs about the body, emotional and physical health, and the goals and limits of sexual practice.The official mission of the Museum of Sex is "to preserve and present the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human sexuality.

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