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In it, she states that she is tired of the games guys play, and is looking for an honest and open and genuine man to be her boyfriend.

She might say that “looks don’t matter” and she only cares about the size of a guys heart.

So last week I posted my 10 kinds of guys you can expect to meet in an online dating service article.

In it, I surveyed around 100 women from all walks of life and asked them one simple question: “What kinds of guys have you met in an online dating service”. I sent out an email to over 100 different guys (thanks to my University contacts) and asked them the same question.

Their responses ranged from the mild to the wild (since this is a “g-rated” website, I will spare you the story of the dominatrix girl that one guy met).

I have compiled the answers from over 100 guys surveyed and these next 10 types of women seem to pop up more often than not in an online dating service: (Again, these are NOT my answers. So much, that when the guys are talking to them on the phone, they cannot get a word in edge-wise.

If you disagree with any of these, blame the guys you meet online for giving the responses) 1. To make matters worse, the girl talks AT them, not TO them.

These types of girls are great for guys who are just getting into online dating and really don’t know what to say.Just sit back, grab a beer and every now and then go: followed by a few accepting grunts here and there. The Serial Dater (a.k.a “Attention Whore”) This is the girl that comes online with the sole purpose of getting as much attention as she can from as many guys as she can.She may have recently broken up with her boyfriend, or may have been dumped so bad that her ego has taken a boo-boo.Generally speaking, she is very attractive and her online personals email inbox is probably too full…full that it takes her a few days to answer your wink or email.She might have a few scantily clad pictures up, with ample cleavage showing, or may have such phrases as: “Am open to meeting all kinds of guys” or “I value a guy’s personality over his looks” Unless you are a guy that has a perfect body and is the long-lost identical twin of her ex boyfriend who just dumped her….I would have to say your chances are slim to none with this girl.

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