Online dating reviews and comments

Summer is a great time not just to go out more, travel and barbecues.

It’s also a time where singles can explore dating and find new love.

Every so often singles let the summer go away without giving a chance to love, only to ...

Men, when it comes to the opposite sex, are not good in reading signs because women are confusing beings which makes it very difficult to know ...

Read More In elementary school days, it is very easy to figure out if a boy likes you or not: all you have to do is sent him note sayings “check yes if you like me or no if you don’t like me”. Read More Planning a romantic day for the one you love is the dream of many, but achieving it is sometimes very difficult.

It is very good to make your plans ahead to avoid preventable embarrassment.

For those who love to have a memorable day, there is ...

Read More We all make mistakes, and when it comes to relationships both genders fail to deliver a number of things that might break a connection.

Here we share 3 of the most common mistakes men make in relationships. Read More Christmas is the high season for online dating, this is the time of the year singles tend to think they’ll be much happier with a partner to share most moments with.

If you’re using an online dating service or thinking of using one during ...

Read More If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you believe online dating doesn’t work and chances are you want to understand why it doesn’t.

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