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Increasingly, human interactions are being communicated by means of electronic, Internet-based medias.

Readily available programs and websites facilitate easy transference of messages, thus rendering space and time irrelevant.

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Online dating communities are a growing industry, like social networking sites, and are similar in that they both provide interpersonal communication with others over the Internet.

In contrast to social networking sites, online dating communities are tailored specifically to users who are looking for a romantic partner, connection, or encounter.

In the following research study, I aim to examine user’s experience of the online dating community, Plenty of Fish (POF).

The experience a user has is based upon their reasons for participating, the level of their involvement in the community, and the qualities the community offers to its users.

The central questions this research study intends to answer are: what is the user’s experience of the online dating community, POF?

How does the community itself influence the user’s experience of online dating?Why do users join and participate in online dating communities?And, what are positive/successful aspects of the community?What are the negative/unsuccessful aspects of the community?As for delimitations, I will focus specifically on the free online dating community, Plenty of Fish, and users who are aged 23-30 living in Ottawa, Ontario.This age group was selected with the anticipation that participants would be out of school and beginning careers.


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