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Have we really got to the stage where I am expected to feel ­offended every time the word monkey is mentioned?

But the story that came out this week was about Roy Hodgson telling a joke which in no way talked about the colour of a person’s skin – and it leaves me seriously concerned about the current state of our society.

There are too many militant people coming out of the woodwork who are prepared to point the finger when it comes to racism, and it is not fair.

If we look back on the John Terry race affair there was no ambiguity. But in the context of Hodgson’s half-time England team talk, there was no racial inference at all ... If we are going to now say that by using the word monkey, irrelevant of its context, we are now causing offence, then we are in trouble.

People are already walking on eggshells, carefully trying to be seen as PC because we live in a country that is predominantly anti-racist.

If someone calls me a black b****** then they are trying to demean me in terms of race. If someone tells a story with the word monkey in, it is not the same at all. People should be able to explain things without the threat of being branded a bigot.

It is like having a problem with the term ‘blackboard’, or the nursery rhyme ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’.

The next step is to move on – but it will be difficult knowing that there is a mole in the dressing room.

I want to know what this person was so offended by.

But this is a classic case of why ­everybody is so worried.

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