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The average age of a woman who met her husband online in the Vows archive was 53.5—about 30 years older than the national average marrying age.The average age for the husbands was even older, at 60.As for the dating service breakdown, Match.com—a paid membership dating site that’s been around since 1995—is mentioned the most, at 14 couples.

But JDate does win in one category—it was, as far as I can tell, the first online dating service mentioned in Vows.

The first JDate couple in the Vows column met in 2000 and were profiled and wed almost 11 years later, in 2011.

Tinder had its Vows debut this year, in January, and will likely see more mentions as the Tinder userbase matures into marrying age, and Tinder evolves into a more serious way to meet a longterm companion.

Right now, the app has a hard time shaking its reputation as a hookup app (and probably for good reason), thought the two couples profiled in Vows might beg to differ.

The older age of the couples seems counterintuitive at first—isn’t it young, hapless 20-somethings who flock to Tinder for companionship?

But considering what we know about Vows, and how older adults date, it makes sense.

The Vows column lives in the Sunday The age group also aligns with what we know about about the crowd who most commonly uses online dating seriously.

Michael Rosenfeld, an associate professor in the Stanford sociology department, explored the ways couples meet today in a 2012 study published in the . Thomas from CUNY, found that internet-facilitated dating is especially useful for single adults in “thin dating markets.” Basically, the internet, and the highly specified search ability it offers, gives people who find dating especially difficult—like people who don’t have access to a hormonal college community—new ways of meeting partners.

Weddings and Celebrations section, the column represents the pinnacle of wedding announcement glory.


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