Online dating first meeting nerves in back

He doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or he’s not good with confrontation.

This usually happens when a woman gets too aggressive, needy, or pushes a guy into a corner.

on’t you hate it when the passive aggressive man gets under your skin?

How about when you really do like him but for some reason his silence drives you crazy?

It may be even be the one thing you don’t like about him.

Whether his mysterious silence tugs on your natural curiosity or pisses you off because it all seems so pointless, you can not help to wonder…

We all can agree male – female interaction is almost always often situation based.

Meaning your husband ignoring or withdrawing, you might be different than some guy at work you’re friends with.

Or your new boyfriend goes silent at certain times and other times he talks your ear off.

Or when you’re out trying your best to meet a single guy – the ones who catch your eye seem to ignore you.

And let’s not forget about the guy who’s into you one minutes then ignores you completely to flirt with your friends or when he’s with his buddies it’s like you don’t even exist. But and this is a big but – never forget some men go silent or only appear to ignore because they literally have nothing to say AND they’re comfortable in the silence.


  1. It encourages users to choose people to date rather than be matched with them.

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