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There is a lack of understanding of Jacana Energy's functions and Territorians fail to see the two entities as separate businesses," it stated."As an example, customers often relate Jacana Energy's name to power outages and issues with electricity distribution or generation, which, as an electricity retailer, we have no control over."Jacana indicated in the document that is was worried it would be left behind as more competitors entered the NT energy market."Credible interstate organisations offering similar products and services as Jacana Energy are capturing attention thanks to their initiative and bold value propositions, and compete with Jacana Energy for business opportunities," the document stated."The absence of clear brand identity, strategy and guidelines hinders the establishment of a credible, trusted and highly recognisable brand."It also said its ad campaigns had been "fragmented"."Jacana Energy's campaigns and collateral are lacking cohesion and continuity in visual identity."The document also listed poor website design as have hindered business growth.

In their use of the ancient oracles in new setting they constantly and confidently rely upon the unity of the two dispensations, that recorded in the Old Testament and that in which they themselves were participants.

CONSTRUCTIVE PRINCIPLES OF NEW TESTAMENT QUOTATION 1. From the call of Abraham to the founding and expansion of the Christian church the men of the New Testament recognize a single organic movement.

A review of these principles, together with certain outstanding and typical instances in which these principles are used and applied, will form the substance of the discussion. Constructive Principles of New Testament Quotation. In the first place, the New Testament writers regard the Christian religion as having its roots in the Old Testament.

On the surface, and historically speaking, the Book of Genesis leads immediately to the Book of Exodus, which is its companion volume and complement, but go more deeply into Genesis and just as really and just as directly it leads to Matthew, which is also its fellow and complement. The unifying medium is, of course, the history which is one in that it involves the same organic principles applied to successive areas of human experience.

The books of the Bible are, therefore, like any group of books on a common subject, phases of each other, contrasted and yet intimately cognate.

In quoting from the Old Testament the New Testament writers were simply obeying an impulse common to all thoughtful writers and accounting for all quotations, seeking for diversified expression of the same truths.

The second great constructive principle of New Testament quotation, and manifestly in close harmony with the first one, is that the movement from Abraham to Christ was not only organically one, but that it was from the beginning planned and prepared for.

Issue Involved in Foregoing Principles of Reference III. This more important and vital issue we take to be the general, guiding principles adopted by the New Testament writers in their use of the book of the older covenant.

In the present article we shall concentrate attention upon that which is of far greater importance than the question whether the writer is incidentally correct, according to modern scientific principles, in any specific citation.

In every separate instance, in the long list of New Testament quotations, the principle of accommodation (see ACCOMMODATION) in some form is involved and, consequently, the question of historical and exegetical accuracy is unavoidably raised.


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