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Please join me in my room and allow me to help you. I am very satisfied with the reading we had and definitely look forward to more. It was an amazing reading, still can't believe how he read my situation the way he did, all I have to say is that this guy is the real deal. written by Anonymous lady"Had another question and he confirmed my gut feeling about a situation. He was able to pick up on my personality and the person in question. Do yourself a favor and read with him before he gets too hard to get a reading with. His previous insight on a situation has already helped me solve one problem. written by Jon"I have had five readings, from this man, he was straight to the point no holds barred. Caetano has been very accurate and everything he has said was in fact correct. Very clearly knew everything about the people I am having difficulty with. written by Ahz"One of the best and learned psychic in Oranum. You said somethings about my Family and so called friends that were extremely accurate, to a tee. Also I can't believe how fast and to the point you were, I wish I was rich, I could talk to you all day. He described a person I've already seen and this person is from my future.

World renowned Psychic with uncanny accuracy and experience of more than 30 years. I am here to offer you insight to your life's questions and to help you attain more wisdom that will help you live a better and more rewarding life. The knowledge and understanding that he has enables me to leave his room with clarity. written by victoria111"I came to him for the advice and he always gives a very kind, truthful and honest advices.. definitely picked up on the kind of person I am, which made me laugh (cause I'm already in such a great mood) but he was accurate on my personality and actions." ... You're always making me feel better about situations, even if you're not delivering good news, that's a gift!!! written by skier8001"As I was cracking today, he lifted my soul and gave me strong advise on what I know of course. I am grateful to talk to him as always and am looking forward to yet another insightful reading. He sees and picks up on people in an amazing way and gives loads of details!!! written by Rox"I have been so honoured to have had a reading by Caetano. I have come to him again and again and I know GOD has brought him into my life for a reason. Before I even told him anything he said everything right on target. I trust your readings fully, and cannot wait to tell you the end result (the beginning really) when it finally comes.

Cleansing rituals involving salts and others to purify the mind, body and soul are explained in order to help you release the negative energy which you sometimes feel is pulling you down. people do not need only to hear what they want .says the truth that helps to improve our life.. written by Bbrave1"He's like an old friend who really understands situations and isn't afraid to give of himself in every situation! I was really drowning and hopeless today but I feel alive again. I will continue to talk to you Caetano :-))) Thank you again :-))" ... written by kissmeangel"Really marvellous reader and guide. Everything he told me is exactly what has been happening in my life. written by Mamoon Rashid"Amazing Man, he gets it right every time!!! I really appreciate the tough love he gives to me sometimes because it gets me back on track to where I want to go in my life and he guides me to the path to getting there." ...

Being a Clairsentient, empath and Clairvoyant, a true bodhisattva brought up in philosophy of Zen, Hinduism and Buddhism. :-))) By far the best psychic on Oranum and I will always come to talk to him! Words can't express enough of how I feel right now! written by weissinha"He is the best if you want the truth, and he tells it like it is even when your heart doesn't want to believe. He specially gets into your psyche and the other person (for a relationship reading). He saw all of the important issues very clearly and helped me to understand what is happening. He gave great advice and really put my mind at ease." ... He connected to guides quickly, and understood the situation witout the need for an explanation or any information whatsoever. written by Caetano"I would say that was probably the best reading I've had. I finally found someone that just knows what exactly is going on. I thankyou so much for the reading and know what i have to do.

I am fluent in english, Hindi, Punjabi, Guajarati, and speak some Portuguese and Italian. written by Merkabah Man633"I feel he gets right to the point and gives great insight about any questions you are having trouble with. In minutes it was like he was reading me like a book. He is very caring, passioanate, a professional and talented psychic. A lot of details that he was able to pull out of me that was very insightful. Without this reading and the direct messages from him i would not have seen my life the way it has been. written by marzterz"The gentleman knows what he is doing - his assessment about my situation was so accurate that I was literally shocked!

I can see and write with the help of my spirit guides and I also use your name and date of birth to locate your existence in this universe. He is truly amazing, I urge you to try him out, just once! All the areas I struggle with, he said in minutes, and gave solutions. written by Sylvia"Didn't have much credits but he was straight to the point and seemed to have known the exact situation with very little details or answers from me. I appreciated the reading and look forward to more." ... Its hard for me to describe the way i am feeling now. He really helped me understand the things I have been going through and why...

As well, I read the image of your right palm using the art of palmistry to give you insight into your current situation in the private reading using a webcam if so required. If there were ten stars, I would give him all 10..." ... Caetano, Is very wonderful he helps you in the confusion and the cloudiness that surrounds your thoughts and make things more clear. I wish I had more time to chat, he is stellar." ... Caetano was very accurate, he hit on every emotion, question and concern. He feels energies and can tell you the current feelings of someone in question. This time insights and information about a business discussed last year came into light when I asked him to tap into my bf's mind. I trust in his prediction and it has calmed me down very much. written by happie"110% he had everything spot on and I couldn't of asked for better. written by Tony"His positivity radiates even through stressful situations which gives confidence in knowing it WILL be better in the end.

I along with my spiritual guides can look at your situation and I can guide you through your problems and tell you what you need in order to improve things. He makes you more aware of the situation and shows you the things which are happening behind the scenes. I had several reading with other psychics before, and none was so accurate has Caetano. My advice is, don't look any further you will only waste your time, Caetano is the right person. I felt like I was talking to one of my best friends, he is truly amazing at what he does. written by marialuis"Great energy reader that he can pick up the situation and even the dialogue between people. written by marialuis"I can't believe how much he knew about me! He knows things that I had in my head and did not say anything to him about. He can also pick up pieces of conversation between people which is very helpful when you need it." ... When you want to know what is on someone's mind, he's your man! written by marialuis"Update read and good insights so I can be one step ahead of a given situation. He helped with something that has been going on for a long time! Caetano seems to be a very busy reader and it's for a very good reason. I am truly speechless at how amazingly he connects about me, about my partner, and also some great great great predictions!!!

I will tell you the truth, because the truth will set you free. I will follow his direction and think of my future to stray away from my dependency. There is light at the end of the tunnel and he helps you find it. He's fast, accurate, no bullshit, just the truth, and he proves it along the reading mentioning different episodes from the past ...i mean come on...absolutely incredible. I rarely express tears to people, caetano touched a sensitive area in my life that fulfilled my soul. The minute I got into chat, he told me there were many changes and true enough there were lots as in consistent with the other readers from other sites! He was able to validate and confirm my mental image and give the correct interpretation. It was a bit frightening, especially when he told me the initials of said person I was talking about and aspects of myself including family situations, how they were connected to me. This was my first time reading with him, but I can tell you def not my last, he is THAT GOOD !! written by Jill"Very accurate, stunning in the way he presents the main issues in your life and the way they influence the dynamics in your present and future. He can pick up conversations between people that will empower your next move. Catch him while you can, you will not be dissapointed! Thank you, Caetano, I am so happy I took you private." ... written by Dandy_1"OMG words cannot describe how my reading went. I was just blown away with his incredible details and Time frames. written by Lucy117"Well I am looking forward for the right time for all to happen in a very positive way, May God Continue to bless you with good wisdom to help all who pass through you.

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