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Easy for him to judge while he sits on his pedestal...

After I left and walked the few blocks home, I saw the same woman sitting in a bus stop being questioned by a cop while his partner was talking to the owner of the corner store.

It reminded me of the time after I had first moved here and saw a cop writing a homeless guy a ticket.

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A revolutionary device that was supposed to replace your wallet.

3 years later, I couldn’t afford to miss my second Kickstarter campaign. Today, I’m glad to share with you our recipe for success.

So I'll be home for Christmas; I'm coming in on Friday and leaving on Thursday.

Jendell has dibs on me for Friday night and I need to chill with Sarah, but the rest of my time is pretty open. Nichole just left this afternoon, she's been here for a couple of days during her trip to Sacramento to visit her momma.

It was good to have one of my truly good friends here in the city with me. When I some day leave this city, this spot will signify my time here more than any other. Why is it that the path of most resistance give the largest pay out,while my religion teaches me to follow the path with the least? For those of you who don't know, Love Parade ran in Berlin for 15 years and became the biggest party in the world with tens of thousands of people mobbing the streets and raving their brains out while world class DJs throwing it down on a dozen floats.

It's kind of lonely now, I'll be glad to be back East and see you all again. Not only has Nichole just left and I'm spending the night packing for my flight tomorrow but I have to move a day after I come back from the East Coast. I also have to go for a ten-block walk in the rain in a couple of minutes to return these movies from last night. The beatniks had North Beach, the hippies had Haight/Ashbury. In the middle of the industrial ghetto of San Francisco lies a vacant lot littered by trash and graffiti. I found out a few months ago that San Francisco launched their own Love Parade and Berlin has since stopped, making SF the new home of the event.

Every weekend, a different group of ravers transforms this blight upon the city into a wonderland of sounds. Saturday was Love Parade 2005, and I got pretty sick last week.

It reinvigorated my faith in the scene and my love of the music. I did my best to nurse myself back to health during the week in anticipation of a day of hard core partying.

It's the one thing I've found here that I wasn't able to find out East: people throwing free events for the love of the music and the scene. I got to the parade, followed it to the end of the route, hung out at the civic center where all the floats form a massive party for an hour and then left to help some friends set up for an after party.

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