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" "Our children seem to be getting along really well - shall we meet up again next week so they can play?

Parenting without a partner is tough, whether you have lost a spouse or have gotten divorced, it's important to have help as a single mother or father.

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The quickest way for a parent to get a child's attention ... Online personals for Single Parents to meet other parents without partners.

Being a single mother or father isn't easy and finding someone to date when you have children is even harder.

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Price is not alone in feeling excluded, in February this year, a study commissioned by AXA PPP healthcare and Netmums revealed more than a quarter of mums feel lonely and isolated after having their first baby."Making friends can feel hard but if you smile, look eye to eye and say 'Hi!

' however shy you feel, you’ll find a greeting expands after a few days to a few words, to longer conversations about your children, to friendship.""In my son's first year I've been to several groups and became friends with a couple of mums but found it really difficult to fit in. Now my son is nearly 13 months old we have finally met a group of mums."Stacey Hutchins added: "It was hard at first but once I got in there, I found some good friends. It was very clicky and some mums can be a bit snotty. But not all of them are - your life does change when you have kids."Katie said: "With my son I really struggled to find a toddler group that felt like the right fit for us. My son is very busy and some of the local groups didn't fit his personality. Laura Burnett said: "I struggled at first, I had no courage to go to baby groups on my own. But then I went to another one and a mum started talking to me and well, she's now still - nearly five years later - one of my best friends. Similarly, Cara Wild said to look on Mumsnet: "Go on the forums and offer to arrange meet ups at a local cafe, being the one organising made me feel more confident.

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