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It helped me to remember that I was not alone in the developments that occurred during my pregnancy, from weight gain to lack of sleep and so much more.

There is a sharing feature that helps you connect with other moms, too; that was my favorite part.

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When I found out I was pregnant, I was overjoyed — and a little scared. I didn’t have any pregnant girlfriends to model my choices after and swap ideas with, so I turned to online communities.

I had a seemingly endless list of questions, and the nine months lay out before me, filled up with worry and doubt. I was also looking for the accountability and satisfaction that comes with keeping track of milestones.

The rules: what I could and couldn’t eat, which types of exercise were encouraged and which were not a good idea, and so on.

Additionally, I wanted to find a way to capture the fun parts and enjoy my pregnancy without the added stress of writing lengthy journal entries or tediously affixing sonogram printouts into a scrapbook.

Like a lot of modern mamas, I discovered ways that I could track developments and uncover information, but also savor the moment.

Call me type-A, but I found a lot of comfort in pregnancy apps.Of course, I wasn’t about to run up a huge bill in the i Tunes store — instead, I weeded through everything I could get my thumbs on to cultivate a collection of smart, easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing apps that were free.Read on for the best free pregnancy apps and trackers that I found.Period Tracker Lite OK, so this one isn’t technically a pregnancy tracker, but I used it when I was TTC.I did a basic setup and clicked on the calendar on the first and last days of my period; it would then tell me when to expect to ovulate.I love that the app learns your rhythms over time; within a few months of using it alongside the ovulation sticks, I noticed that it was almost always right!

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