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We had our own Trump moment during the 2014 Euro elections.Anyone who didn’t understand our system might’ve thought that Britain was on the verge of electing Nigel Farage king for a day.Not only was Ukip the most popular party but he even got to debate the deputy prime minister on live TV – and won!

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Muslim dating site parody crossword

Cigarette smoking, beer-swilling, tweed wearing – Nige is as much a parody of Englishness as Trump is of Americaness.

And in the same way that even the most Left-wing of commentators (which is nearly all of them) now concede that Farage speaks for an alienated minority, so someday it shall be grudgingly said that Donald Trump “had a point” – about immigration, terrorism and the fear that America is punching way below its weight.

But just as Farage does not define Britain, so Trump does not define America.

There’s a Democrat race going on that suggests the liberal centre has shifted far to the left. The calibre of Republican contestants this year is far higher than we often give them credit.

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton (when did Britain last have a female foreign secretary? America’s had three, and one of them was a black Republican) is taking on socialist Bernie Sanders, while Martin O’Malley – rumoured to be an inspiration for Mayor Carcetti in The Wire – makes up the numbers. Take Ted Cruz – the main conservative challenger to Trump.

The fastest growing “religious” category in this far-Right country is people without a religion. Gay marriage is constitutionally guaranteed, according to the Supreme Court. This son of a Cuban asylum-seeker graduated top of his high school class and cum laude from Princeton University, with a thesis on the legal philosophy of James Madison.

In 1992, he won the national debating contest and went on to represent Harvard Law School as a debater – eventually graduating from Harvard magna cum laude.

In short, the senator from Texas might be very Right-wing but he is also very smart.

Those Bible-bashing, Muslim-hating, sister-marrying, red-necked, Looney Tunes conservatives who think Jesus rode a dinosaur across the Mississippi.

Aren’t they funny, with their beefburgers and AK-47s?

The cliché is that the UK and America are two nations divided by a common language.


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