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Soon, “armies of paparazzi” were barricading the set, according to producer Akiva Goldsman. Photographers spying on the production from hotel windows had to be digitally removed from the final film, at great expense.

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By Gwynne Watkins, Yahoo Movies UPDATE: In August 2014, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their marriage, Yahoo Movies posted the article below on the making of ‘Mr. An already-troubled production was soon swarmed by paparazzi, with the movie itself dwarfed by the scandal of a rumored love affair. Upon the announcement of Brad and Angelina’s long-awaited marriage, let us look back on the film that created Brangelina, Mr. The film was greenlit with those two stars and director in place, but Kidman dropped out when her film Stepford Wives went over schedule.

Before Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were cast in 2005’s sexy action flick Mr. Smith, director Doug Liman contemplated a number of devastatingly attractive pairings: Will Smith and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Briefly, Liman contemplated casting Brad Pitt opposite his ex-fiancee Gwyneth Paltrow, but decided it would be unfair to put Pitt in “a situation where he’s going to have to relive the demons of a relationship.” Little did Liman know what kinds of demons he’d be summoning when he cast Hollywood’s wild child Angelina Jolie (his second pick, after Nicole Kidman dropped out) opposite Tinseltown golden boy Brad Pitt. Smith proved to be a huge hit — it grossed nearly $200 million in the U. alone — and the combustible pairing of Pitt and Jolie settled into a stable, long-term relationship. It was Nicole Kidman who sent it to Pitt, and Pitt who sent it to Liman.

2016 that Jolie has filed for divorce, it’s a timely read once again. 28, 2014): It could have been a different couple entirely. 20, 2016.] Screenwriter Simon Kinberg once described Mr. Smith as “a romantic comedy pretending to be an action film.” Films that defy easy genre classification can be a tough sell, and the fact that this one was made owes some credit to Pitt himself.

Pitt followed, leaving Liman to frantically brainstorm other couples.

When Jolie was cast, his original leading man returned.

Both Pitt and Jolie were big stars —an Oscar nominee and an Oscar winner, respectively.But Jolie was not the glamorous, humanitarian Earth mother she’s perceived as today.She was known for giving deliberately shocking interviews about her bisexuality and love of knives; for kissing her brother on the lips at the Academy Awards; for wearing a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck; and for impulsively (as the press would have it) adopting a Cambodian child in 2002. Smith was the closest she’d come to being cast in a normal romantic comedy. Doug Liman, having followed his indie hits Swingers and Go with the blockbuster The Bourne Identity, was already gaining a reputation as a difficult, mercurial director.Her previous roles had included dark dramas (Girl, Interrupted), dark thrillers (The Bone Collector) and a darker-than-the-norm action franchise (the Lara Croft films). Pitt, on the other hand, was as idealized as a Ken doll. The production was plagued with his expensive do-overs.A Midwestern boy who worked his way up the Hollywood ladder (unlike second-generation star Jolie), he was a reliable box office draw, a heartthrob with enough raw talent to sell odd movies like Fight Club and Twelve Monkeys, and the husband of America’s sweetheart. Liman shot four days on location in the mountains before deciding to move one scene to the desert; he made first-time screenwriter Kinberg pen 40 or 50 different endings before reverting to the original; he destroyed the set with a hand grenade, didn’t like the explosion, and rebuilt the whole thing from scratch in order to blow it up again.He and Jennifer Aniston were the world’s most popular celebrity couple; at the time Mr. Smith began shooting, Friends had just wrapped, and magazine readers eagerly awaited the perfect Brad-and-Jen offspring. Liman also clashed with Jolie and faced blowback from Pitt over some of his directorial decisions.


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