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Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor is a great game, the biggest problem is that it is over shadowed by the much superior next-gen versions.

Countless reviews are already out for this game, so instead of writing one long tautology, I will note the noticeable differences.

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I wasn't expecting Mordor to look like the PS4 version, but I also wasn't expecting a major downscale.

The game looks a little muddy, but scripted animations look nearly identical to the ones in the new-gen versions.

Some small details have been compromised or erased entirely, like how the blood sprays out.

The blood is still there, but the "patterns" seem a little different.

The graphics could even be one big "conspiracy" as far as I'm concerned, and the studio could have watered them down as being one big sales tactic in order to help push new gameing systems, because me and many others know that the PS3 and 360 is capable of delivering so much better.

If there never was a new-gen version, this game would be viewed from an entirely different perspective.

However, I am still removing 1 star from what I feel is a 5 star game because when it comes down to the graphics, I know that they could have, and should have done better.

With about 5 hours of playtime, I have experienced zero crashes and no major issues.

The "Nemesis System" is still there but it does feel a little different.

There seems to be some details missing in the new orcs, but nothing game breaking.

They all seem to have a smaller set of names, weapons, pieces of armor, and taunts to draw from, but it takes a good amount of playtime and careful observation to notice these differences.


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