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A snapshot build will be created as long as the code compiles successfully and its binary files will be stored in the Snapshots repository of Google Storage.

This is an open-source and custom-built version of Chromium optimized for portable use.

So, you can run it from an i Pod, USB flash drive, portable hard drive, CD or any other portable media.

You can take your bookmarks, extensions, themes and plugins with you.

This portable version will leave no personal information behind on the machine you run it on. This version uses a specific subfolder (named "Data") directly in the main folder, for all user data. Packaged in the win Pen Pack format, it can work as standalone software.

Packaged in the Portable format by Aluisio ASG (Aluísio Augusto Silva Gonçalves), it can work as standalone software. How to update it with an alternative update system? Free and open-source releases: Chromium on i OS is a big fake! It is the free and open-source project (#features) behind the famous Google Chrome browser. ^^ Example: The current stable version on #linux is .

Use the simple free and open-source cpf-update-win batch script to automatically update both Chromium and Pepper Flash. Check the official build instructions to understand that Chromium cannot use the existing content/implementation, which is based on V8/Blink and is multiprocess. ^^ Obviously, you know that this site is not the Chromium official website. Please, read the #privacy-policy (on the right-hand side). Intrinsically, Chromium is a Google project maintained by many authors (developers, engineers, graphic designers, security researchers...) from Google, Opera, Yandex, Samsung, Intel, Nvidia, Adobe, Hewlett-Packard, Black Berry... It means there are 116 patches which correct many issues.

The Chromium version will be 55.0.2872.0 because this update system (based on my #api) uses the #windows-32-bit-archive ^^ To install it, double click on Chromium_file you have downloaded. You may then "Eject" and throw away this disk image. The Free SMUG team wrote an extension: Chromium Updater Chromium OS is the open-source operating system designed by Google that primarily runs web applications, using Gentoo as its foundation. As a regular user (not an expert), I created it because I did not find a simple way to download good releases. Officially, Chromium does not have a stable release. Because Chromium is open-source (#source-code), anybody can build it. Just get the current stable version (53.0.2785.116) from the official Git repository and build it! The stable version is used in: Basically, Chromium has few versions every day, but you can stick with a version for about a month before you need to upgrade.

The official developers do not release it to end users. Snapshots builds are compiles of the Chromium code whenever there are submitted code changes.

We install and update about a million apps each day for our home users and Ninite Pro subscribers like NASA, Harvard Medical School, and Tupperware.

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