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is our industry-leading enterprise Saa S platform that extends ecommerce to your partner channel and SMB customers to grow revenue opportunity and reducing costs.Leverage its robust capabilities as a channel partner management system to add channel capabilities to your existing ecommerce infrastructure.It allows you to grow an online commerce channel without cutting out partners—sell subscriptions licenses through the channel, automate maintenance renewals and payments to partners, decrease cycle time and streamline channel processes.

Quickly extend or customize ecommerce processes without the high cost, long timelines or short usable life of custom code.

The Buy and Resell Smart Channel model takes your current offline partner purchasing process and moves it online – allowing resellers to buy through a specialized purchasing portal.

This model delivers all the benefits of online commerce to your most important buyers.

Partners purchase products at their “buy” price and resell them to end customers.

Rose, who can scarcely read or write, calls herself a “lead kid.” Her childhood home, where lead paint chips blanketed her bedsheets like snowflakes, “affected me really bad,” she says.

“In everything I do.” She says she can’t work a professional job. And, she says, she surely couldn’t understand this letter. She was selling some checks in the distant future for some quick money, right? Rose sold everything to Access Funding — 420 monthly lead checks between 20.[Freddie Gray’s life a study in the effects of lead paint on poor blacks] So on that April day, the 20-year-old says, she asked her mom to give it a look. He had called her one day on the telephone months after she’d squeaked through high school with a “one-point something” grade-point average. They amounted to a total of nearly 4,000 and had a present value of roughly 8,000.Her mother glanced at the words, then back at her daughter. His name was Brendan, though she said he never mentioned his last name. He told her he worked for a local company named Access Funding. Rose, who court records say suffers from “irreversible brain damage,” didn’t have a lot of friends. Growing up off North Avenue in West Baltimore, she said she’s seen people killed. He bought her a fancy meal at Longhorn Steakhouse, she said, and guaranteed a vacation for the family. In return, Access Funding paid her less than ,000.Resellers and B2B customers get best practice self-service and a B2B purchasing experience.Learn more The Partner Marketplace Smart Channel model leverages your commerce infrastructure to provide a marketplace for the online promotion and sale of partner products.Many partners sell their own products – integrated applications that extend your products’ core functionality as well as service plans, training or even support.

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