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Fields of spindly, rather sad-looking trees stretched miles under the cloudless sky. It made the region rich and Frankincense has been central to many religious practices for many centuries. The most sought-after is breast-shaped like the union of two tears.

It was used by King Solomon, Emperor Nero and Tutankhaman. The habit of perfuming your house with Bukhoor is a way of Arab life. In Muscat the Ibadi Islam muezzins compete through megaphones from their minarets with charter jets and construction work.

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In Oman, frankincense is also chew­ed to relieve indigestion and freshen the mouth. Date cultivation has given way to investment cultivation. The traditional arts and crafts are being overwhelmed by the modern sciences of engineering, PR and hotel and catering.

The country’s has a six-star hotel, the Shangri-La All Bissah. It is a fast-developing country’s one last link to an illustrious and affluent past.

“Dhofar is a unique and fascinating place,” said Naser as we sat having lunch of narjeel and hamoor fish in the Al Fareed restaurant on 23rd July Street – named after the day of the Sultan’s accession. And only two hours over the mountains from the Empty Quarter, the Rub al Khali or desert.” The explorer Sir William Thesiger set out from Salilah to discover the Lost City of Ubar, ‘the Atlantis of the Sands’.

The city museum has a permanent exhibition of his photographs.

South Oman is still a place of ancient cities and old ways of life.

Up in the Jebel foothills at Jable Ittin there is the Tomb of Job (Nabi Ayoub) who is mentioned in both the Koran and the Bible.The Queen of Sheba’s palace was in Khor Ruri near Samhuram which was famous as a frankincense port.The current Sultan was born in Salalah and he has his summer residence there at the Al Husn Palace.All the latest horse racing form, betting odds, news, breeding, jockey and trainer information for Fleeteor.Fleeteor is a born in 18/08/2012 by Northern Meteor out of Mabkhara, trained by the Gai Waterhouse And Adrian Bott stable.The Al-Husu market in the Al-Hafa district of Salalah, on the southernmost tip of the Sultanate of Oman, was crowded. On sale was everything from musr turbans, kummah caps and naal sandals to copper coffee pots, ceremonial khanjar daggers, ladies’ thobs and traditional velvet Dhofari dishdasha dresses. Ninety minutes’ flying time or a 1,000-km, 12-hour drive from the capital Muscat, Salalah has been known for centuries for the production of frankincense.


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