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Os Simpsons é uma série de desenhos animados para a televisão que retrata o dia-a-dia de uma família americana.Criado pelo cartunista Matt Groening, foi exibido pela primeira vez em 1987, inicialmente como tirinhas no programa "The Tracey Ullman Show". Good Night was the first ever Simpsons short to air on The Tracey Ullman Show.

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Later Homer is saying some speech about family matters then stops when the show comes back on.

A piece of music from the Tracey Ullman show plays at one part or another during the short.

Homer makes several attempts to have Bart jump into his arms.

Each time Bart jumps Homer is distracted and fails to catch him.

Lisa and Maggie then hide, allowing Bart, stumbling in a daze amongst pieces of the precious broken jug lying on the floor, to take the blame. Bart attempts to steal them, but burns his fingers trying to pick them up.

Everyone except Bart and Maggie leave the kitchen to let them cool down, and Bart takes this opportunity to swipe them, muttering to himself "Aha! " Homer and Marge come back to find the tray empty.

Marge suspects Maggie of eating the cookies, but as a witness she knows exactly who took them and guides them along a trail of cookies running across the floor.

His family catch him lying on his back in his bedroom amidst a pile of cookie crumbs.

Towards the end of the episode boxing gloves are delivered, presumably the ones used in the episode Punching Bag.

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