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I touched my inner thighs, and my fingers revealed blood! 9 Comments | In: Featured Stories | | # I was at my grampa’s house in Tennessee for two weeks. So there I was on a farm with all boys in the middle of nowhere. While I was in the bathroom, I happened to look down and I see that my underwear is soaked in blood. I stuffed some toilet paper in my underwear and walked into the living room.

I knew then with utter certainty that the nurse had killed me. That was when I noticed that some guest had just arrived. And she said, “Would you like me to tell your grampa for you? When my brothers got back, we all went to the barn.

I just stood there unable to talk, frozen in my shock. My brothers were stuck out in the woods because their four-wheeler had died, and they needed to be picked up. To my surprise, she announced it in front of everyone! I remembered all of this this morning when I got into the truck and I got a really bad cramp. My best friend Paedrin had gotten hers the month before, and my friend Kassy had gotten hers in December.

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While it is a father’s customary duty to cover his daughter’s wedding celebration, the only demand I made from a financial position, before I was going to be made a poor man, was it should be held as an ‘English style’ wedding.

This was not a problem with the groom’s parents since Irish wedding celebrations are similar.

Other than some minor subtleties, both parents sit at the head table with the bride and groom, and the father of the bride makes a speech.

The speech is meant to be lighthearted, funny and of course truthful. The first period I got in my entire life was when I was 10 years old.

The date was September 11th, 2001, the day the World Trade Center was attacked.

It was a Tuesday and I had just gotten to school, and about an hour into first-block math class the telephone on the wall rang and the teacher’s aid picked it up.

Shock rang white in her face and she beckoned to my teacher with a limp finger.

Hanging up the phone, she whispered into his ear and suddenly his expression matched hers.

“Students, go to your lockers and get ready to go home.” He said, completely monotone.

“Two planes have just crashed in New York City and your parents are coming to pick you up.” I was ten, I didn’t fully understand what was going on.

Planes crashed all the time, what was so different about these two?

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