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Interest in this repertoire seems to be growing exponentially. The music of my other grandfather, Arnold Schoenberg, is certainly well known to you.But you may have not yet heard of Zeisl, which is something that I hope to correct.At the bottom of this text is some biographical information that can also be obtained from the Eric Zeisl Web Site at

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Editorial We are fortunate in this issue in having two articles written by close relatives of their subjects: Randol Schoenberg on his grandfather Eric Zeisl and Michael Freyhan on his father, Hans; an article, by André Laks on his father, Szymon, is in preparation for the next issue.

The work of the IFSM to date has naturally concentrated on composers; Michael Freyhan's article points to the contribution to the musical life of their adoptive countries made by the other musicians who fled from Nazis persecution.

In that spirit I have also included here my obituary of the Austrian musicologist Georg Knepler, which was published (in a much shorter form) in The Independent this spring.

Another piece written for The Independent, an interview with Vladimir Ashkenazy heralding his series of concerts of music by Prokofiev and Shostakovich written under Stalin, is directly relevant to the interests of the IFSM and, at the risk of over-stuffing this newsletter with writing by its editor, I have likewise reproduced it here, since many readers will not have seen it when it first appeared.

This article was written to introduce the concert series presented in the South Bank Centre, London; since the series was presented also in New York and Prague, it has an international relevance.

In the News section you will find Michael Haas' introduction to quasi una fantasia: Jews and the Music Metropolis Vienna, the exhibition of which he is Music Curator; since the subject will be of particular interest to our German-speaking readers, we have included the German version of the press release.

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