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Rather, is where the real story of El Libro de la Selva, if the man is already ten years old.At this time, the tiger Shere Khan returns in this part of the jungle.

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Even if that means that he probably has to leave forever the jungle El Libro de la Selva.

On the way to the Panther with the boy who wants to stay in the jungle course.

And when they meet Balu the bear, Mowgli has found at least someone who would adopt him and in which he can stay.

In hardly any other animated film the different songs sound as natural as they should be sung in connection with the film, as in El Libro de la Selva.

Detected quality : DVDRip Genre : Adventure Release Date : 20 March 2016 Language : Spanish Country : USA Sinopsys : El Libro de la Selva.2016. Maybe it’s that he should win all each time, instead occur familiar.

Pelicula – What makes a classic film El Libro de la Selva, everyone must decide for themselves.

Perhaps also that it appeals to both young and old, and for decades.

The story El Libro de la Selva is reminiscent Although roughly to Tarzan of the Apes [1914] by Edgar Rice Burroughs, but develops in a completely different direction.

The man Mogli is one day found the panther Bagheera in the jungle.

It has been abandoned and so does the big cat the basket with the baby with the wolf mother who has just gotten even boy.

She takes on Mogli and pulls him as one of her sons great.

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